A modifier is a word that adds some quality or description to another word, for example good, bad, big, and fast.

Modifying a noun

An adjective is a word that adds a particular quality for a noun. In Pandunia, adjectives are placed before the noun that they modify.

nove gar – new car(s)
rapide gar – fast car(s)
dai meza – big table(s)
gau meza – high table(s)
bon kursi – good chair(s)

Two or more adjectives can modify the same word.

lili nove gar – a little, new car

Adjective can be also after the noun. Often this type of phrases can be read as complete sentences, where the verb to be is implied.

gar nove. – The car is new.
bagre rapide. – The tiger is fast.

Naturally there can be modifiers on both sides of the noun as well.

nove gar rapide. – The new car is fast.