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Pandunia–English word list

This word list consists of words in Pandunia and their translations to English. The list is arranged in the alphabetical order by Pandunia base words.

Each dictionary entry consists of a word or compound word in Pandunia and its translation to English. There is only one translation when the meaning of the word and the meaning of its English translation are almost or completely the same.

aple - apple
arane - spider

When the Pandunia word can be translated in more than one way, the most common translation is first and it is followed by more specific translations inside parenthesis.

cira - tear (rip, split)

If there is more than one meaning, they are separated by the semicolon.

ching - ask (request, beg, plead; please)

Sometimes there are two entries of the same word.

huru - free (unbound)
fa huru - free (liberate)

The entry with fa is there only for including the verbal translation in English. Pandunia words are multipurpose words that can be used as verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs. Therefore it is normally enough to use only the main word of the dictionary entry in sentence contexts and the auxiliary verb fa can be left out. For example, mi huru damen is the proper way to say 'I free them' or 'I liberate them'. The sentence mi fa huru damen would mean the same thing but it would include the superfluous word fa.


a prep by (at, in, on)
a dure de av during (while)
a jong av to be centered (amid, in the middle)
a ke av where
a kon av together (jointly, mutually)
a korte av soon (after a while)
a late av be beside (accompany)
a lin av online
a max av also (too, in addition)
a medi av among (amid, between)
a neu av just (recently)
a niche av under
a poli mar av often (frequently)
a pos av later (after)
a re av backward (in reverse)
a ri av again (repeatedly)
a sabu de av because
a shukre de av thanks to
a supra av above (over)
a tema de av about (concerning, on the topic of)
a vai av outside
a vakil de av on behalf of
a vo av there
a ye av here
a zoku adv still (yet)
Abaze bashe tbd Abaza language
Abazia pn Abkhazia
abies n fir tree
achar n pickle
achar di tbd pickled
achar hiyar tbd gherkin (pickle)
acharize v pickle (preserve in vinegar or brine)
achi tbd sneeze (achoo)
acinum n actinium
ade v habit (custom)
adike a ordinary (customary, habitual, normal)
adabe a polite
adabia tbd politeness (etiquette, courtesy)
adil tbd just (fair, righteous)
adilkan tbd court of justice
adilta tbd justice
adres tbd address
adres grame tbd @ symbol
af v sorry (pardon)
af v forgive (pardon)
Afganestan pn Afghanistan
Afrika pn Africa
agile tbd agile
agre v cultivate (farm)
agral a agricultural
agrobiolojia n agrobiology
agre deha tbd rural village
agrer n farmer
agrokulture n agriculture
agronomia n agronomy
agristan n countryside
agristanike n rural (rustic)
aha v realize (understand; aha)
air n air
airobiike tbd aerobic
• anairobiike tbd anaerobic
air ordu tbd airforce
air porto tbd airport (aeroport)
air prese n atmospheric pressure
air prese metrer n barometer
ais n ice
ais hoki n ice hockey
aisike a icy
ais krem n ice cream
ais sharbe n sherbet
ajabe v wonder (awe, marvel)
ajabife v amaze
ajabike a amazing (astonishing)
akare tbd tick (mite)
akasia n acacia
akle n sense (reason, intellect)
akrabe n scorpion (Scorpio)
ale a other
ale di adv otherwise (else)
alofone tbd allophone
alia n others (anything else)
alian n alien
alife v change (make different)
alonam tbd that is (in other words, i.e., alias)
altre a alter
altrisme n altruism
Alaska pn Alaska
alergia n allergy
alge v pain (distress, grief, woe)
• analgive a painkiller
• analgesia n algesia (sensitivity to pain)
• algesia n analgesia
algogenike a algogenic (inducing pain)
algike a painful
algometria n algometry (measurement of pain)
alga n alga
alga fungu n lichen
alga jangal n kelp forest
algalojia n algology
alkan n alkane
alken n alkene
alkil n alkyl
alkin n alkyne
alkol n alcohol
alkolike a alcoholic
alkasus n licorice
alkol mixur n cocktail
almari n cupboard (closet, cabinet, wardrobe)
alo fen di tbd discrete (distinct, separate, quantized)
alo romanse di tbd heteroromantic
alo sexe di tbd heterosexual
alo sifa di tbd different
alpaka n alpaca
alumin n aluminium
aluminaje n alum
alumin oxide n alumina (aluminum oxide)
ame v love (strong affection, desire)
• aname v dislike (loathe)
amer n lover
amike a dear (beloved)
ame jen n darling (honey)
ama conj but (rather)
Amara pn Amhara (an Ethiopian ethnic group and language)
Amazon pn Amazon river
Amazonia pn Amazonia
amen v trust (be sure of, have faith in)
amenbil a trustworthy (loyal, faithful)
amenbilta n loyalty (faithfulness)
amenike a sure (safe, secure, reliable, trustworthy)
amenize v assure (affirm, confirm)
amenta n safety (security, reliability)
Amerike pn America (continent)
Amerikan n American
Amerikan Samoa pn American Samoa
amerikium n americium
amide n amide
amin n amine
amir v order (command)
amirer n emir
amir haki n authority (power to give orders)
amiria n emirate
amir lin n command line (console, terminal)
ampe n ampere (amp)
ampul n ampoule (vial)
ananas n pineapple
anchovi n anchovy
anda n egg
Andes pn Andes
andesite n andesite
Andora pn Andorra
angar n anchor
angil v message
Angola pn Angola
angul n finger (toe)
angul marke n fingerprint
angul pike n fingertip
angul ring n finger ring
anime n soul (life spirit)
animaje n animation (cartoon)
animate v animate
animate v animate
• reanimate v reanimate
animation n animation (animating)
animisme n animism
anis n anise
anis araki n raki
Antartika pn Antarctica
Antartika Bahai pn Antarctic Ocean
antena n antenna (aerial)
Antigua pn Antigua
Antigua e Barbuda pn Antigua and Barbuda
anus n anus
anusal a anal
aple n apple
aple sos n applesauce
aposum n opossum
are n area (extent of surface)
aria n area (region)
arabe n Arabia (Arab; Arabic)
arabi babul n babul tree (thorny acacia)
araki n liquor
arane n spider
aranofobia n arachnophobia
aranide n arachnide
arane nete n spiderweb (cobweb)
arbuze n watermelon
Archah pn Artsakh
argente n silver
Argentina pn Argentina
argon n argon
argu tbd argument (rationale, grounds)
arhe n leader
• anarhia n anarchy
• anarhiste n anarchist
• monarhia n monarchy
arhia n leadership
Ariel pn Ariel
arke n bow (arch, arc)
arke chate n vault (arched ceiling or roof)
arker n archer
arke suta n archery
aroma tbd scent (odor, fragrance, aroma)
aroma melon n Korean melon
arsenium n arsenic
arte bashe n artistic language (artlang)
arte fete n artifact (artefact)
arte fete bashe n artificial language (conlang)
arte fete di a artificial
arte fete intelige (AI) n artificial intelligence (AI)
artiste n artist
arte saner n artisan (craftsman)
Artika pn Arctic
Artika Bahai pn Arctic Ocean
Aruba pn Aruba
ase v hope (wish)
• anase v despair
• anasike a hopeless
Asia pn Asia
asian n Asian
asan n posture (asana)
asar n effect (impact, impression, result, outcome)
Ashur pn Assur
Ashuria pn Assyria
askete tbd ascetic
asle a origin (source)
aslamerikan n Amerindian (Native American)
aslaustralian n Australian Aboriginal
aslike a original (authentic)
asle tipe n archetype (original model)
asma n asthma
asparge n asparagus
astatin n astatine
astre n celestial body
dusastre n disaster
astral a astral (starry)
astronave n starship
astronaver n astronaut
astronomer n astronomer
astronomia n astronomy
ate v act (deed)
• anative a off (deactivated, disabled, inactive)
• deative a deactivate (disable, turn off)
• dusate v misdeed (sin, vice)
• interate v interact
• interative a interactive
• reation n reaction
• proate v proact (act in advance)
• proative a proactive
• reate v react
ater n agent (doer, actor)
ater n doer (agent)
ation n action
ative a active (working; activate, enable, turn on, trigger)
ata n sugar-apple (sweetsop)
Athina pn Athens
Atlante bahai pn Atlantic Ocean
atlanti bakalau n Atlantic cod
atlanti salmon n Atlantic salmon
atom n atom
atom bombe n atomic bomb
atom kerne n atomic nucleus
atom kerne tbd atomic nucleus
atom vuki tbd atomic weapon
audi tbd hear (listen)
auge v augment (increase, rise; boom, peak, apex, acme, zenith, heyday)
aure n gold
aurize v gild
Austronesia pn Austronesia
Australia pn Australia
aute n self (identity)
autatike a automatic
auter n author (auteur, independent actor)
autife v personalize (customize)
autike a selfish
autokratia n autocracy (monarchy)
automotike a self-moving (automotive, automobile)
autonomia n autonomy
autonomike a autonomous
autologe n monolog
avar v damage (injury, harm)
avarike a damaged (corrupt)
avarive a harmful (damaging)
avarize v harm (damage)
ave tbd oat
avokado n avocado
axe n axis (axle)
aya n maid (nanny, ayah)
ayo int ouch (expressing pain, distress, shock and fear)
Azeria pn Azerbaijan


babu n chapter (section)
babuche n slipper
babul n thorn tree (acacia, wattle)
bacha n child (minor)
bacheler n bachelor (bachelor’s degree)
badal v exchange (swap, replace, trade, switch)
badam n almond
badan n body
badan di a bodily (corporal)
badavi pn bedouin (nomadic)
bage n bag
bagaje n luggage (baggage)
bagi tbd yard (garden)
bagi bele tbd spade
bagre n tiger
bagre oselote n oncilla
bah tbd bah
bahaisme n Baha'ism
bahaiste n Baha'ist
bahai n sea
bahai alga n seaweed (macroalgae)
bahai amirer n admiral
bahai chau n seagrass
bahai di tbd maritime
bahai gele n jellyfish (seajelly)
bahai hiyar n sea cucumber
bahai hua n sea anemone
bahai kinar tbd coast (shore)
bahai nil a aqua (teal)
bahai ordu n sea force (navy)
bahai porto n harbor (seaport)
bahai sake n bay (gulf, bight)
bahai vala n sailor (seaman, mariner)
Bahama pn Bahamas
Bahrain pn Bahrain
bai tbd lose (be defeated)
bake v bake
baker n baker
bakeria n bakery (bakehouse)
baka poto tbd terracotta
bakalau n cod
baki a rest (remainder)
baku a white
baku choi tbd bok choy
baku margarite n oxeye daisy
baku salmon n chum salmon
baku varis tbd white rice
bale v wrap
balaje n wrapper (wrapping, covering)
bala tbd strong
• anbala tbd weak (feeble)
balakan tbd gym (fitness center)
balata tbd force (strength, power)
baldi n bucket
balon peshe n pufferfish
baluta n oak tree
baluta frute tbd acorn
bambu n bamboo
bamia n okra (okro)
ban n bread
banana n banana
bande v tie (fasten, bind)
bande n band (bandage, lace, ribbon, strip, tape)
bandaje n bandage
banda n band (squad, group)
bandera n flag (banner)
bang n club (bat, mace, baton)
Bangi pn Bangui
Bangi rivo pn Ubangi river
bangla bashe n Bengali language (Bangla)
Bangla gogia pn Bangladesh
banke v save (deposit, bank)
banker n banker
bankekan n bank (depository, cache)
bankrute n bankrupt (insolvent)
bankeshefe n bank manager
bano n board (pane, panel)
bano geme n board game
banya tbd bath
banya jube tbd bathrobe
banya kamar tbd bathroom
bar n bar
bare v bar (obstruct, block)
barium n barium
bare mur n barrier (fence)
bar vala tbd bartender
Barbados pn Barbados
barbar a barbarian
Barbuda pn Barbuda
barde n beard
bari tbd heavy (requiring much effort, hard, difficult, serious, important, etc.)
bari metal tbd heavy metal
barke v congratulate (bless)
barke n congratulations! (blessing, benediction)
barsha tbd rain (precipitation)
barsha chate tbd umbrella
barsha kote tbd raincoat
barsha mosim tbd rainy season (monsoon)
barsha sui tbd rainwater
barte a Indian
Barte Bahai pn Indian Ocean
Bartia pn India
baru n bear
barude tbd gunpowder
bas a enough (sufficient)
basen n pool (basin, bowl)
bashe v speak (talk, language, communication)
• dubashike a bilingual
• konbashe n common language
• polibashike a multilingual
• trabashe v translate (interpret; translation, interpretation)
• trabasher n interpreter (translator)
• unbashike a monolingual
bashe kanun n grammar
bashe kanunike a grammatical
bashe lojia n linguistics
baske n basket (basketball hoop)
baske bol n basket ball
bata n duck
bata krote n platypus
bati num eight (8)
batri tbd battery
bau n treasure (valuables)
bau bei n darling (dear companion)
bau di a precious
bauite n gem (gemstone, jewel)
baze n base (foundation)
baze bol n baseball
bazer n founder
bazike a basic
bazisme n principle
bazize v found
baze kanun n consitution
baze petre n bedrock
baze skolekan n primary school (elementary school, gradeschool)
baze strute n intrastructure (underbuilding)
bazar n market (bazaar)
bazar hurisme n market liberalism
be v undergo (passivizing verb)
bebe n baby (infant)
bebe katil n crib (cot)
bedingan n eggplant (aubergine, brinjal)
bega tbd escape (flee, run away)
behe n goat
bei tbd mate (fellow member of a social group)
Beijing tbd Beijing (Peking)
bel n bel (unit)
bela tbd misfortune (misery, affliction, calamity, catastrophe, disaster, harm)
Belarus pn Belarus
belcha tbd shovel (spade, scoop)
Belgi pn Belgium
Belize pn Belize
ben n child (offspring)
ben ben n grandchild
ben doh n granddaughter
ben son n grandson
Benin pn Benin
benke n bench
benzi n adze
benzin n gasoline (petrol)
bere n beret
beri n berry
berilium n beryllium
berklium n berkelium
Berlin pn Berlin
Bermuda pn Bermuda
bete n beetroot
beton n concrete (material with cement)
betula n birch tree
bie v life (organic)
bier n organism (living thing)
biofizolojia n physiology
biogense n biological sex
bio lasa tbd biowaste
biolojia n biology (study of organic life)
bio mute di tbd fermented
bio sana she tbd compost
biosistem n biome
biotoxe n toxin
Biblia pn Bible
biblike a Biblical
bibre n beaver
bichi tbd whip
bikini n bikini
biku n monk or nun
biku sanga n order of monks or nuns
bil v possible (able, can)
bil es v maybe (perhaps)
bilive a capable (talent, skillful)
bil ki adv maybe (perhaps)
bilta n ability
bilor tbd crystal
bine v build (construct)
• konbine v combine
binaje n building (structure)
bine plan n architecture
bine planer n architect
bindu tbd dot (spot)
bingo n bingo
bir n beer
birkan n bar (pub, beer house)
Bisau Ginia pn Guinea-Bissau
biskute n biscuit (cracker)
bismute n bismuth
bison n bison
biznes tbd business (commercial activity)
bizneser tbd businessperson (businessman)
blabla tbd chat (babble)
blablakan tbd chat room
bloge tbd blog (web log)
bobo tbd fool (buffoon)
boi tbd float (buoy, bobber)
boi punte nume tbd floating point number
boikote v boycott
boing tbd bounce
boka tbd mouth
boka chate tbd palate
boka vele tbd velum
bol n ball (sphere, orb)
bolite n cobblestone
bolon n balloon
boli tbd boil (cook)
boli varis tbd cooked rice
Bolivia pn Bolivia
bolshevisme n Bolshevism
bolsheviste n Bolshevik
bolte tbd bolt
bombe tbd bomb
borium n bohrium
bori tbd boredom
bori di tbd bored
boron n boron
Bosna e Hercegovina pn Bosnia and Herzegovina
bote n shoe or boot
boter n shoemaker
botin n boot
botekan n shoemaker's shop
Bote pn Tibet
botel tbd bottle
botel tape tbd bottle cap
boxe v boxing
boxer n boxer
boxe pante n boxer shorts (boxers)
bra n brother
bra doh tbd fraternal niece
bra son tbd fraternal nephew
Brahma pn Brahma
brauza tbd explore (browse)
brauzer tbd browser
brave tbd brave (gallant, valiant)
brave tbd bravo!
Brazavil pn Brazzaville
Brazavil Kongo pn Congo (Brazzaville)
Brazil pn Brazil
briko n apricot (plum, peach)
Britia pn United Kingdom
brokoli n broccoli
brom n bromine
brosh tbd brush
brosh kalam tbd inkbrush (calligraphy brush)
brun varis tbd brown rice
Brunai pn Brunei Darussalam
bu! tbd boo!
bubu tbd bogeyman (ghost)
bude tbd wake
Bude tbd Buddha
budife tbd wake (make awake)
budike tbd awake (aware)
budion tbd realization (awareness, enlightenment, bodhi)
budisme tbd Buddhism
budiste tbd Buddhist
buda tbd booth (cabin, stall, stand)
Budapeshte pn Budapest
bufe n buffet (smorgasbord)
buke n book
bulbul n nightingale
Bulgaria pn Bulgaria
bum tbd explosion (blast, eruption)
bure tbd office (bureau)
bural tbd official (formal, bureaucratic)
burer tbd secretary (clerk)
bureria tbd secretariat
burokan tbd office (room)
burokratia tbd bureaucracy
bure rite tbd etiquette (protocol, procedure)
burge tbd fortress (castle, fort, stronghold)
Burkina Faso pn Burkina Faso
bus tbd bus
bus halte tbd bus stop
buste tbd bust (bosom)
busu tbd kiss
bute tbd butter
butan n butane
butil n butyl
buton tbd key (push-button, switch)
buton bano tbd keyboard
buyu n baobab


celsius gradu n degree Celsius
Cer pn Ceres (dwarf planet)
cerium n cerium
Cernagora pn Montenegro
Chade pn Chad
chai tbd tea
chai chamacha tbd teaspoon
chaikan tbd tea house
chai kupa tbd tea cup
chai pote tbd teapot
chai vala tbd tea seller (chaiwallah)
chaku tbd knife
chamacha tbd spoon
champion tbd champion
chane tbd manufacturing (production, industry)
chaner tbd maker (manufacturer)
chanive tbd productive (fertile)
chanekan tbd factory
chana tbd moment (instant, while)
chanaike tbd momentary
chanse tbd opportunity (chance)
chape v press (imprint)
chape tbd print (stamp)
chapati tbd flatbread (chapati, roti)
char tbd car (cart, carriage, wagon, automobile)
charete tbd cart
char parke tbd car park (parking lot)
charme v tempt (entice, allure)
charme tbd charm (fascination)
chate n roof
chau n grass
chau kitabe tbd grass script (calligraphic cursive writing)
chau medan tbd lawn
chau mien tbd chow mein
chau stan tbd grassland (prairie)
chavi tbd key
cheka tbd examine (inspect, check)
cheke tbd cheque (check)
cheng tbd layer (level, storey, floor, stratum)
cheng bede tbd bunk bed
cheri n cherry
cheska pn Czech Republic
cheti num seven (7)
chetiden tbd week
chian a cyan
chile pn Chile
chili tbd pepper (capsicum)
chili fun tbd paprika
chimpanzi n chimpanzee
chin n parent (mother or father)
chin bra n uncle
chin chin n grandparent
chinograme tbd Chinese character
chin ma n grandmother
chin pa n grandfather
chin sis n aunt
chinchila n chinchilla
ching tbd request (petition)
ching tbd ask (request, beg, plead; please)
ching lai tbd invite
ching na tbd here you are
chini tbd porcelain (chinaware)
chipe pn Albania
chira tbd tear (rip, split)
chira chira tbd tear up (tatter, shred)
chira chira di tbd tattered (ragged, torn)
chira tela tbd rag (tattered cloth)
chita n cheetah
choi tbd greens
choklate tbd chocolate
choklate kane tbd chocolate bar
Chongching pn Chongqing
chopu tbd hoe
chore tbd theft
chorer tbd thief
chosen pn Korea
chosen di tbd Korean
chule v treat (handle, manage, process; handling, treatment, procedure, process)
chun tbd choose (elect, select, pick; choice, selection)
• prechun tbd default (preset, predecided)
chunbil tbd option (choice, preference)
chun liste tbd menu (catalog)
chun yo gol tbd destine (set)
chung n insect (bug)
chupu tbd suck (absorb)
chute v leave (go away, exit)
chute mun n exit door


da pron he or she or it
damen pron they
damen su poss.pron. their
damimen pron we (exlusive we)
da su poss.pron. his or her
dai a big (great, large)
dai angiler tbd ambassador
dai angilkan tbd embassy
dai bahai tbd ocean
dai barsha tbd downpour (heavy rain)
dai dara tbd torrent
dai dom tbd palace (mansion)
dai gradu tbd amplify (scale)
dai lasun n giant onion
dai pau tbd gun (cannon)
dai pauer tbd cannoneer
dai pole n big city
dai pote tbd cauldron
dai seku tbd boulder
dai skolakan tbd university
daita tbd size
dai zi tbd capital letter (upppercase letter)
dake v cover (conceal)
• andake tbd uncover (reveal)
dake tbd cover (lid, cap, deck)
dalil v evidence (argument, proof, testimonial)
dama geme tbd checkers (draughts)
damas tbd diamond
damasike tbd adamant
dan tbd rank (grade, dan)
dane tbd particle (grain, bullet)
dana.chau tbd millet
dana sekur tbd bulletproof
dang tbd ring (toll, clang)
dang gi tbd bell
danse tbd dance
Danske tbd Danish
Danske gogia pn Denmark
dante n tooth
dante v bite
dante baluta n daimyo oak
dante brosh tbd tooth brush
dante davaer tbd dentist
dante kume tbd alveolar ridge (gum ridge)
dante los tbd toothless
dao n blade
dape v hit (strike, punch)
dare v flow (stream)
dare n flow (current, stream)
daria n body of water (sea, lake, river)
darike n fluid
dare tube n funnel
darmestadium n darmstadtium
darte n soil (dirt, ground)
dartike a soily (dirty)
darti hauer tbd fertilizer
darvinisme n Darwinism
darviniste n Darwinist
date n data (numeric information)
date banke n database (databank)
date table n data table (matrix)
data chule tbd data processing
data chule lojia tbd computer science
data fen lize tbd data analysis
dau n way (road)
dau bano tbd road sign
dauisme n Taoism (Daoism)
dauiste n Taoist
dau yuge tbd junction (intersection of roads)
dava tbd heal (cure, treat, remedy)
davaer tbd doctor (medic, physician, healer)
dava lojia tbd medicine (field of study)
dava she tbd medicine (drug, medication)
dava shekan tbd drugstore (pharmacy)
dava she lojia tbd pharmacology
dava sui tbd potion
de prep from (since, because)
dee tbd god (deity)
deike tbd divine (godly)
deisme tbd theism
• andeiste tbd atheist
deiste tbd theist
deokratia tbd theocracy
deolojia tbd theology
deomite n myth (divine story)
deonagre grame tbd Devanagari alphabet
deosofia tbd theosophy
debe v owe (ought, should; debt, duty, responsibility, obligation)
debaje n debt (loan)
debize v oblige
defe tbd defense (defence)
defe bano tbd shield
defer tbd defender
defe kaska tbd armor (shielding)
deha tbd village
Deimos pn Deimos
dele tbd wait (delay)
dele to tbd wait for
deme tbd public (people in general)
demal tbd public
demografia tbd demography
demokratia tbd democracy
demokratike tbd democratic
demokratiste tbd democrat
deme polita tbd population
demon tbd demon
den tbd day (24 hours)
• preden tbd yesterday
den logu tbd diary (daily log)
des num ten (deca-, 10)
des kilo tbd ten thousand
desen tbd drawing (design)
desi num deci-
desi bel n decibel
detal tbd detail
• dusdeuisme n dystheism (maltheism)
deval tbd mad (insane, crazy)
devalta tbd madness (insanity)
dexe tbd right (right hand side)
dexhanuka tbd right-handed (dexter)
dexiste tbd rightist (right-winger)
di part attributive postposition
dia tbd day (daytime)
dia foto tbd daylight
dia yam tbd lunch
dike n direct (point, aim; direction; target, objective)
dike v aim (point)
• indike tbd indicate (point into)
diker tbd pointer (indicator)
dike pin tbd compass (magnetized needle)
din n religion (worship)
din di tbd religious
din guru tbd priest (cleric)
diniste tbd believer (religious person)
• andiniste tbd unbeliever (infidel)
din shia tbd sect (cult)
dinamite tbd dynamite
dinde n turkey
ding tbd determined (fixed, certain, definite, particular, specific)
• anding tbd indeterminate (uncertain, indefinite, undecided)
dingi tbd nail (spike)
dino saur tbd dinosaur
Dione pn Dione
diorite tbd diorite
dipe v lower (put down)
dipe tbd low (short, bottom)
dipe gradu tbd level down
dipe megi tbd fog (mist, haze)
dipe moka tbd bush (shrub)
dipe tela tbd carpet (rug)
diske tbd disc (disk)
disprosium n dysprosium
dite tbd say (speak, talk)
• kontredite tbd contradict
• predite tbd predict (foretell)
• predition tbd prediction
ditate tbd dictate
ditater tbd dictator
ditateria tbd dictatorship
dition tbd saying (diction)
doh n daughter
doh doh n daughter's daughter
doh son n daughter's son
Doiche pn Germany
doiche di tbd German
dokumen tbd document (record, file)
dokumen filme tbd documentary film
dokumen sanduku tbd folder (directory)
dolar tbd dollar
dolfin n dolphin
dom tbd home (house, residence)
dom di tbd domestic (tame)
dom gogia tbd homeland
domize v accommodate
dom zeze n housefly
Dominika pn Dominica
Dominika Vakilkratia pn Dominican Republic
domino n dominoes
don v give
• redon v return (give back)
donaje n gift
donaje cheke n gift certificate (gift card)
donive a generous (open-handed)
dong tbd east (orient)
dong di tbd eastern
dong gorila n eastern gorilla
Dong Timor pn East Timor (Timor-Leste)
donjon ventur tbd dungeon crawl
dor metre n perimeter (circumference)
doshe n fault (sin, blame, defect, guilt)
doshike a guilty
dosil tbd tame (docile, obedient)
dosil gene di tbd domesticated
doste tbd friend
• andoste tbd enemy (unfriend)
dostia tbd friendship
dostike tbd friendly (kind, nice, gentle)
doste los tbd friendless
dotor tbd doctor (scholar who has attained doctorate)
dotorta tbd doctorate
dou tbd bean or pea (legume)
doze tbd portion (dose)
drame tbd play (theatrical play, drama)
dramate tbd act (play a role)
dramater tbd actor (actress)
dramatike tbd theatrical (dramatic)
dramatike ironia tbd dramatic irony
du num two (2)
dual a dual (twofold)
dualisme n dualism
dubashike a bilingual
dufonike a stereophonic
dugrafike a anaglyphic (stereoscopic)
du mar tbd twice
dume tbd second (2nd)
du o tri tbd a couple of
duple tbd double (twofold; multiply by two)
du romanse di tbd biromantic
susemike a double entendre
du sexe di tbd bisexual
dua v pray (beg, entreat, implore)
dua tbd prayer
• dusdua tbd curse (damn, malediction)
dubnium n dubnium
panduke tbd inn (fonduk, tavern)
duke tbd receive (attend to, wait on)
dukan tbd store (shop)
duku tbd grieve (be sad; grief, sorrow)
duku di tbd sad
dum tbd smoke
dunia tbd world
dunial tbd global
dunia bashe tbd world language
duna tbd dune
dure v pass (spend time, put time into)
dure tbd duration (time interval)
• redure tbd continue (resume)
durebil tbd durable (endurable, sustainable)
dure di tbd chronic (lasting)
durometrer tbd stopwatch
durian n durian
dus a bad (unfavorable, negative, evil, wicked, troublesome, difficult)
dus gradu tbd downgrade
dus hal tbd hardship (difficulty, challenge)
dus jen n enemy (foe, villain)
dusnam n insult (offense)
dus rai tbd disapprove (frown upon)
dus sin di tbd ominous (foreboding)
dus zar tbd misfortune (bad luck)
dush tbd shower
dute tbd lead (bring to)
• dedute tbd deduce (lead from)
• dedution tbd deduction
• indute tbd induce (introduce, lead in)
• kondute tbd conduct (lead together)
• konduter tbd conductor (director)
• produte tbd produce (lead forward)
• paraprodute tbd side-product
• posprodution tbd post-production
• produter tbd producer
• redute tbd reduce (lead back, take back)


e conj and
eglisa tbd church
einsteinium n einsteinium
Eire pn Ireland
ekal tbd environmental (natural)
ekia tbd environment (nature)
ekolojia tbd ecology (study of environment)
ekonative tbd wild (savage)
Ekuador pn Ecuador
elastike tbd elastic
eletre tbd electricity
eletrike tbd electric
eletroline tbd cable (wire, line)
eletrolize tbd electrolysis
eletron tbd electron
eletroposte (e-poste) tbd e-mail
eletrorade tbd lightning bolt
elfe tbd elf
Enceladus pn Enceladus
energia tbd energy
engener tbd engineer
engenia tbd engineering
English pn England
english di tbd English
english filiste tbd anglophile
english fon di tbd anglophone (English speking)
eglishife v anglicize
english margarita n English daisy
enzim tbd enzyme
erbium n erbium
Eris tbd Eris (dwarf planet)
Eritra pn Eritrea
es v be
esente tbd being (that which is)
esentia tbd being (essence)
esential tbd essential (fundamental)
eser tbd being (entity)
esai tbd essay
eskran tbd screen
eskulte tbd sculpture (statue)
eskulter tbd sculptor
eskulte suta tbd sculpture (art of sculpting)
espanofonike tbd hispanophone (Spanish speaking)
Espania pn Spain
esperanto n Esperanto
esponje n sponge
estan n tin
Esti pn Estonia
estibium n antimony
estrontium n strontium
etan n ethane
etanol n ethanol
etil n ethyl
Etiopia pn Ethiopia
Eurasia tbd Eurasia
eureka tbd find (discover)
euro tbd euro (€)
europium n europium
Europa tbd Europe
europa baluta n English oak
europa di tbd European
Europa luna pn Europa
Europa Unia tbd European Union (EU)
exgogia tbd foreign country
exgogike tbd foreign
exike a outer (external)
exa num exa-
ezmurude tbd emerald


fe tbd do
faide v gain (benefit, advantage, asset, profit)
faidaje n material (ingredient, resource)
faidike a useful (beneficial, advantageous)
fake v fuck (obscene word for sexual intercourse)
famil n family
famil nam n surname (family name)
fan v fan (be a fan, admire)
fanate v admire (adore)
fanatike a fanatic (enthusiast(ic))
fantaze v imagine (fantasize)
fantazia n fantasy (imagination)
fantazike a fantastic (imaginary)
fantom tbd ghost (phantom)
farke n difference
fase tbd surface (face)
fase tele tbd deep
fase teleta tbd depth
fashe v bundle (bunch, sheaf)
fashisme n fascism
fashiste n fascist
fasil tbd easy
fasilta tbd ease (facility)
fatige tbd fatigue (weariness)
fatu tbd punishment (penalty)
fatu di tbd penal (penetenciary)
fatura tbd bill (check, invoice)
favor tbd favor (goodwill)
faze n stage (phase)
febre tbd fever
fei tbd flight
fei gi tbd airplane
fei gi di kaper tbd plane hijacker
fei gi tikete tbd plane ticket
fei mushu n bat (flying mammal)
• defeke tbd defecate
feke tbd feces (shit, poop)
telefonia tbd telephony (telephone communication)
femisme tbd feminism
femiste tbd feminist
fen tbd part (component, segment, fraction, distinct element of something larger)
fen di tbd partial
fen don tbd contribute
fenife v divide (partition, part, split, separate)
• dufenife v halve (divide by two)
fenil n phenyl
fen lize tbd analyse (analysis)
fenol n phenol
fere v point (direct, signal)
• defere v defer (signal away)
• disfere v differ (direct apart)
• infere v infer (point into)
• prefere v prefer (assess before)
• profere v present (bring forth)
• refere v refer (assign back to)
fermium n fermium
fero n iron
feste v party (celebrate; celebration, festival)
festal a festive
feste den n holiday
fete v do (make; deed, feat, fact)
• defete v defeat (do away with)
• exfete v effect (impact, influence, affect)
• exfetive v effective (influential)
• infete v infect (infection)
• parafete v side-effect
• perfete v perfect (complete)
• rifete v do again (repeat, iterate)
fete bashe n artificial language (conlang)
fetebil a feasible (doable)
feter n maker (factor, agent)
feteria n factory (plant)
Fiji pn Fiji
fikre v think (thought)
file v attraction (fascination, -philia)
filiste n fan (-phile)
Filipin pn Philippines
Filistin pn Palestinian Territory
filme n film (movie or video)
filme babu n episode (instalment of a drama)
filsofe v philosophy
filsofal a philosophic
filsofer n philosopher
filtre v filter
fine v finish (complete, end)
fine v end (ending)
fin aux already (completed action)
final tbd final
finike a ended (finished)
finize v finish (put an end to)
finme a last (final)
fiorde n fjord
firuze n turquoise gem
fite n plant (vegetable, vegetation)
fitolojia n botany (phytology)
fixe v fix (attach; attachment)
• afixe v affix
• afixaje tbd poster (placard)
• posfixe v postfix
• prefixe v prefix
fize n physical nature (physis)
fizike a physical
fizike gi tbd hardware (physical device)
fizologer n physicist
fizolojia n physics
• metafizolojia n metaphysics
flam v flame
fleche tbd arrow (bolt)
flecher tbd fletcher
flerovium n flerovium
flexe v bend (flex)
• deflexe v deflect (bend away)
• reflexe v reflect (bend back)
• reflexer n reflector
• reflexe sonde n echo
• flexebil tbd flexible
flexive bashe n flexional language
flur n fluorine
fluride n fluoride
fobia n fear (phobia)
fobife v scare (frighten)
fobike a afraid (scared)
fobive a scary (frightening)
Fobos pn Phobos
foku tbd focus (concentration)
foli tbd scale (flake)
foli kaska tbd scale mail
fon tbd phone (telephone)
fone v pronounce (articulate)
fone tbd phone (speech sound)
foneme tbd phoneme
fonologe tbd pronounce (articulate)
fonolojia tbd phonology
fone zi tbd letter (character, written symbol)
fonte tbd fountain (spring, well)
fonte kalam tbd fountain pen
fonte sui tbd sping water
fonyo n fonio millet (acha rice)
for tbd off (away, gone, far-off)
forife v remove (take away)
fora tbd drill (bore, perforate)
forke tbd fork
• deforme tbd deform
• dusforme tbd malform (disfigure; malformed, deformed, disfigured)
• dusformife v disfigure
• dusformike a malformed (deformed, disfigured)
• konforme tbd conform (fit, mold)
• konforme tbd conform (fit, mold)
• riforme tbd reform
forme tbd form (shape, morph)
formeme tbd morpheme
formize v shape (sculpt)
forum tbd forum (public space)
fosfe n phosphorus
fosfate n phosphate
fote v light (illumination)
foto n photo
foto gola tbd halo (aureola)
fotografe tbd photograph
fotografer tbd photographer
fotografe gi tbd camera
fotografia tbd photography
fote kane tbd torch
fotoline tbd optical fibre (optical cable)
fotolojia n optics
foto mata di tbd matte (opaque)
foto minar tbd beacon (lighthouse)
foto mira di tbd glossy
foton tbd photon
fotos tbd light (bright)
foto radi tbd ray of light
Franse pn France
Franse fon di tbd Francophone (French speaking)
Franse fon dunia tbd Francophonie
Franse Guyana pn French Guiana
fransium n francium
Franse krepe n crepe
Franse Polinesi pn French Polynesia
frasen n ash tree
frem tbd frame
frike tbd rub (scrape, scrub)
frute tbd fruit
frutos n fructose
frute parke tbd orchard
frute sharbe tbd juice beverage
fufu tbd pulp (pap, mash, mush)
fui tbd bah! (yuck!)
fuke v wear (dress, put on)
fukize v dress (clothe sb.)
fuka tbd return (restore, recover, resume)
fuku tbd clothing (clothes)
fuku di tbd clothed (dressed)
fuku vashi gi tbd washing machine
fulan tbd such-and-such (so-and-so)
fun tbd powder
fungu tbd fungus (mushroom)
fungu frute tbd mushroom (sporocarp)
fungu nete tbd mycelium
• defunte tbd defunct (out of use)
• dusfunte tbd dysfunction (malfunction)
• konfunte tbd work together (interoperate)
• konfuntebil tbd compatible (interoperable, supported)
• konfuntebil tbd compatible (supported)
funte tbd function (work)
funtebil tbd functional (valid, workable)
funtion tbd function (relation between inputs and outputs)
furete n polecat (ferret)
furi tbd angry (furious)
furita tbd anger (fury, rage, wrath)
futau tbd axe (hatchet)
fute n foot
fute bano tbd scaffolding (gangplank)
fute bol tbd football (soccer)
fute marke tbd footprint
fute shaka n leg
fuze v melt (found, liquify)
• konfuze v melt together (merge, fuse)
fuzion n fusion (amalgamation)
fuzive bashe n fusional language
fuze petre n lava
fuzesafe v smelt


ga tbd go (move through space)
Gabon pn Gabon
gabre tbd grave (tomb, bury)
gabrite tbd tombstone (gravestone)
gabrestan tbd graveyard (cemetery, burial ground)
gadolinium n gadolinium
gaja n elephant
Galia pn Gaul
galium n gallium
gala tbd throat (windpipe, gullet, pharynx)
galaxia n galaxy
galeria n gallery (exhibition hall)
gali n street
galope v canter and gallop
galte a wrong (incorrect, erroneous, faulty)
galte v make a mistake
• angaltife v debug
galte n mistake (error, fault, blunder, bug)
galte bude tbd misunderstand
gam chin n step-parent
gamia n marriage (matrimony)
gamife v marry
gamike n married
gam ma n stepmother
gam pa n stepfather
gam per n spouse (husband or wife)
gam sau n step-sibling
Gambia pn Gambia
gamba tbd shrimp (prawn)
gamel n camel
gamo tbd emotion (feeling)
gamo di tbd emotional (emotive)
gamo hal tbd mood (emotional state)
gamo zi tbd emoji (smiley, emoticon)
gan tbd dry
gan chau tbd hay
ganife v dry out
gan mosim n dry season
gan putau tbd raisin
Gana pn Ghana
gana tbd reed (cane)
gana kalam tbd reed pen
Ganda pn Uganda
gandum n wheat
Ganga tbd Ganges
gani tbd sing (song, chant)
ganir tbd singer
ganir grupe tbd choir (chorus)
Ganimede pn Ganymede
ganja tbd cannabis (marijuana, ganja, pot, weed)
ganse tbd goose
garante n guarantee (warranty)
garde tbd guard (watch)
garder tbd guard (watchman, guardian, sentinel, sentry)
garde tor tbd watchtower
garde zelo tbd jealous
garme a warm (hot)
garme masala tbd garam masala
garme mosim n summer
garme mosim medi den tbd Midsummer Day
garme zone n tropics
garme zone chaustan n savannah
garme zonike a tropical
gas n gas
gasife v gasify (vaporize)
gasike a gaseous
gate tbd cut (bite, incise)
gate a dante tbd bite
gate glu bano tbd clipboard (paste buffer)
gative tbd sharp (cutting, edged, pointed)
gati tbd hard (firm, solid, rigid, tough)
gati mate tbd solid
gati mate di tbd rigid (solid)
gau tbd top
gau di tbd high (tall)
gau dipe tbd vertical
gau dipe mote v bob up and down
gau gradu di tbd advanced (high-level)
gauize v raise (lift)
gauta tbd height (altitude)
gau tanur tbd blast furnace
gau tehni tbd high technology (hi-tech)
gaze tbd gauze
gazel n gazelle
gazeta tbd magazine (journal, gazette)
gazeter tbd journalist
gee n earth (ground)
geografia n geography
Geia pn Earth (Terra)
geolojia n geology
geomante n mantle of the Earth
geometria n geometry
geopolitia n geopolitics
geoterme n geothermal
gebre tbd algebra
gei tbd gay (homosexual)
gele tbd gel (jelly)
gem tbd sword
geme v play a game
geme tbd game
gem dau tbd kendo
gemer tbd player (gamer)
gem suta tbd fencing (art of duelling with swords)
gene v generate (beget, produce; production, reproduction)
• exgene tbd exogeneous
• poligene tbd polygenesis
• progene tbd breed (procreate)
• sugene v breed
• ungene n monogenesis
gene di tbd raw (crude)
gene grupe tbd generation (cohort)
gene klas tbd caste
genologike a genetic
gene logu tbd genealogy (recording of descents)
genolojia n genetics (study of reproduction)
gene tipe n genotype
gense tbd sort (category, class, genus, genre, gender)
gensal tbd general (involving every member of a class or a category)
gensolojia tbd gender studies
geo dou n peanut (groundnut)
geo elfe tbd gnome
geo forme tbd terrain
geo kaska krake tbd fault line
geo kaska plate tbd tectonic plate
Geo Medi Bahai tbd Mediterranean
geo niche di tbd underground (subterrainean)
geo niche jela tbd dungeon (underground prison)
geo ordu tbd ground force (army)
geo par lin tbd equator
Geo Par Lin Ginia pn Equatorial Guinea
geo sismo tbd earthquake
geo tike tbd lot (plot of land)
Germania pn Germania
germanium n germanium
Gernezi pn Guernsey
geste v gesture
Gibraltar pn Gibraltar
gide tbd guide (lead, show the way)
gide buke tbd guide book
gider tbd guide
ging tbd longitudinal (parallel, vertical)
ginge tbd ginger
ging gola tbd meridian (line of longitude)
ging gradu tbd longitude
ging lin tbd warp
gingam n kumquat
giota tbd drop (droplet)
gitar n guitar
glas n glass
glasife v glaze (vitrify)
glasure n glazing (enamel)
glis tbd slide (slip, glide)
glu v swallow
glukerol n glycerol (glycerine)
glukin n glycine
glukogen n glycogen
glukos n glucose
glute v glue (adhesive)
glute bande n adhesive tape
glute bandaje n adhesive bandage (band-aid, sticking plaster)
gluten n gluten
glute grafe n sticker
glutike a sticky (ahesive)
glutive bashe n agglutinative language
glutize v stick (adhere, paste, glue)
gogia tbd country (land, state)
gogia jen tbd citizen
gol v goal (destination)
golem tbd golem
gomu tbd rubber (latex, eraser)
gone n corner (angle)
gonometrer n goniometer
gorila n gorilla
goro n pig
goro karne n pork
goton n cotton
gradu tbd step (degree, rank, grade, level, class)
gradu di tbd gradual
gradu medan tbd gradient (gradation, incline)
gradu mute tbd development
grafe tbd draw
grafe tbd drawing (graph, image)
grafe buke tbd picture book
grafe chule tbd image processing
grafeme tbd pixel
grafer tbd illustrator (graphic artist)
grafe fineta tbd image resolution
grafike tbd graphic (pictorial)
grafe karte tbd graphics card (video card)
grafe kata tbd comic (cartoon)
grafe lanse gi tbd image projector
grafe projeter tbd image projector
grafi sugata tbd framerate
gram n gram (g)
grame tbd written character
• programe tbd program (set of structured activities)
• programaje tbd software (virtual device)
• programer tbd programmer (coder)
gran tbd grain (particle)
granite tbd granite
grave tbd gravel
Grenada pn Grenada
Grenadin nesia tbd the Grenadines
grese v stride (march)
• agrese v attack (assault, aggression, hostility)
• agreser n aggressor
• agresive a aggressive
• progrese v progress (stride forward, advance, go forward)
• progresion n advancement (milestone)
• regrese v regress (fall back)
gril n grating (grid, grill)
grilkase n cage
grimas tbd grimace
grom tbd thunder (roaring)
grom tufan tbd thunderstorm
gros tbd rough (coarse, harsh)
gros tbd thick
gros limon n makrut lime (kaffir lime)
grosta tbd thickness
gros zi tbd bold letter
grupe n group
gua n cave
Guadelupe pn Guadeloupe
guai tbd odd (strange, weird, peculiar, bizarre)
Guam pn Guam
guan tbd office (position)
guan tbd wide (broad)
guan di tbd official (pertaining to public trust)
guaner tbd officer (bureaucrat, public servant)
guanta tbd width (breadth)
Guangzou pn Guangzhou (Canton)
Guatemala pn Guatemala
gubu n hippopotamus
gui tbd ogre (troll, goblin)
gui papi n oriental poppy
gujarati pn Gujarati
guku hua n florist's chrysanthemum
gul n ghoul
guma tbd drum
guru n guru (teacher, sage)
guste v taste (sense flavor)
guste n taste (flavor)
guste ka tbd taste like
guta tbd knee
guta kaska oste tbd kneecap
Guyana pn Guyana


ha tbd have (there be)
habar n news
habar gazeta tbd newspaper (gazette)
habar letre tbd newsletter
habar media tbd news media
habasha tbd Abyssinian
Habasha tbd Abyssinia
hafenium n hafnium
hafiz- tbd keep (preserve, conserve, retain, spare)
hafizer tbd keeper (preserver)
haha tbd laugh
haide tbd let's
haima tbd tent
Haiti pn Haiti
haje v pilgrimage
hajer n pilgrim
hake tbd right (entitlement)
haki tbd dust
haki chupu gi tbd vacuum cleaner
haki rang tbd khaki
hal tbd state (condition, status, situation, circumstances)
halal tbd permissible (allowed, halal)
halal liste tbd whitelist
halela tbd praise (commend, exalt)
hali tbd empty (void)
hali zi tbd space (character)
halife n caliph
halifia n caliphate
halo tbd hello (hi)
halte v stop (halt)
halte tbd stop (halt)
halve n confection (sweets)
ham tbd matter (be important)
ham di tbd important
hamake tbd hammock
hamar tbd hammer
hamil tbd pregnant
hamir tbd yeast
Han tbd Han Chinese
han guaner tbd mandarin
Han zi tbd Chinese or Japanese character (hanzi, kanji)
hanu n hand
hanu li tbd manual
hanu shaka n arm
haos tbd chaos (disorder, turmoil)
hape v fit (adapt, adjust, make suitable)
hapu tbd suitable (appropriate, apt, fit)
harabe v ruin (destroy, devastate, demolish)
harabe tbd bad (ruined, destroyed)
harabe mahala tbd slum
haram tbd sacred (forbidden, illicit, haram, taboo)
harmonia n harmony
harmonike a harmonious
harnes tbd harness
has tbd special (distinct)
has nam tbd identifier (ID)
hasta tbd distinction (specialty)
hashi tbd chopsticks
hashish tbd hashish
haste tbd hurry (rush, haste; hasty, busy, hurried, swift, fast)
• anhaste tbd slow (quiet, not hurried, not busy)
hata prep until (til, up to)
hata di tbd even (implying extreme example)
hatar tbd danger (peril)
hatar di tbd dangerous (perilous)
hau a good
hau v like (consider good, favor)
hau angil n gospel (divine message)
haudeisme n eutheism
haugenisme n eugenics
hau gradu v upgrade (level up)
hauloge v praise (eulogize, laude; eulogy)
hau moral n virtue (morals)
hau moral di a virtuous
hau rai v approve
hau sifa di a excellent
hau sifata n excellence (quality, virtue)
hau sin di a auspicious (promising)
hautopia n utopia
hau vide di a beautiful (handsome, good-looking)
hau yam a delicious (yummy)
hau zar n good luck
hava tbd wind
Havai pn Hawaii
Havai nesia tbd Hawaiian archipelago
Haye pn Armenia
hazin tbd store (deposit)
• mahazin tbd magazine (warehouse)
hazinkan tbd storehouse (depository)
he tbd huh? (eh?, pardon?)
hei tbd hey (exclamation to get attention)
helium n helium
Helen pn Greece
helenike tbd Greek (Hellenic)
helis babul n umbrella thorn acacia tree
helis fei gi tbd helicopter
helix tbd spiral (helix, corkscrew, twist)
Helsinki pn Helsinki
heme tbd blood
• anhemia tbd anemia
hemofobia tbd hemophobia
hemoglobin tbd hemoglobin
hemopresia tbd blood pressure
heme selu tbd blood cell (hemocyte)
hemi los tbd bloodless
hen tbd hatred (hate, resentment, odium)
hena n henna (alcanna)
hepate tbd liver
hepatitis tbd hepatitis
hero n hero
heroike a heroic
hero mite n saga (heroic tale)
herze n hertz (Hz)
Hese tbd Hesse
hesium n hassium
hevan tbd animal
hevan agri suta tbd animal husbandry
hevan bagi tbd zoo (zoological garden)
hevan filia tbd zoophily
hevan geo grafi tbd zoogeography
hevan lojia tbd zoology
hevan lojia di tbd zoological
hevan mite n fable
hevan toxe tbd zootoxin
hibride tbd hybrid (mongrel)
hidre n hydrogen
hidrate n hydrate (chemical compound)
hidre peroxide n hydrogen peroxide
hidrargente n mercury (quicksilver)
hijabe n veil (cover, screen)
hik n hiccup
hima tbd snow
hima duna tbd snow drift
hima rose tbd frost
Himalaya pn Himalayas
Hinde tbd Hindi (Hindustani)
Hindochin tbd Indochina
hindisme tbd Hinduism
hindiste tbd Hindu
hindium n indium
hinde reger n rajah
Hinde rivo tbd Indus river
hinde sos tbd chutney
Hindestan tbd Hindustan
hipe tbd deficient (less than normal)
hipoglukohemia tbd hypoglycemia
hipohemopresia tbd hypotension (low blood pressure)
hipokalsohemia tbd hypocalcemia
Hiperion pn Hyperion
hip hop n hip-hop
hisabe v calculate
hisabia n arithmetics
hisabu loge tbd account
histor tbd history (annals)
historer tbd historian
historia tbd history (past times)
• prehistoria tbd prehistory
historolojia tbd history (study of history)
hiyar n cucumber
Ho Chi Min site pn Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
hobi tbd hobby
hobiiste tbd hobbyist (amateur)
hogo tbd fire (burning)
hogo di tbd fiery
hogo puja tbd pyrolatry
hogo sanduku tbd lantern
hogo seku tbd flint
hogo shan tbd volcano
hogo shan glas tbd volcanic glass
hogo tehni tbd fireworks (pyrotechnics)
hoki tbd hockey
hol tbd whole (entire)
holografe tbd hologram (holograph)
holografia tbd holography
holia tbd wholeness (integrity)
holisme tbd holism
holiste tbd holistic (comprehensive, overall, pertaining to the whole)
holonam tbd holonym
holonume tbd integer (whole number)
holera tbd cholera
holmium n holmium
Hong Gong pn Hong Kong, SAR China
hore v shiver (creeps)
horife v horrify (give the creeps)
horifike a horrifying (horrific, horrible)
horur n horror
hormon tbd hormone
Horvatia pn Croatia
hotel tbd hotel
hua tbd flower
hua jara tbd flower vase
hua koli n cauliflower
hua mosim n spring (springtime)
hua pote tbd flowerpot
huang a yellow
hui tbd ash (ashes)
hui darte tbd podzol
hui rang tbd grey (gray, ashy)
huke tbd hook
huke krus tbd swastika (hooked cross)
huke lin kane tbd fishing rod (fishing pole)
huli n fox
• exhume tbd exhume
• inhume tbd bury (inter, inhume)
hume tbd humus (mold)
human tbd human being
humania tbd mankind (humanity)
humanike tbd humane
humanisme tbd humanism
humaniste tbd humanist
humanoide tbd humanoid
human hake tbd human rights
humel n hop
humor tbd humor
humorike tbd humorous (comical, funny)
humoriste tbd humorist
humus n chickpea
humus pasta tbd hummus
hure tbd free (unchained)
huria tbd freedom (liberty)
hurisme tbd liberalism
huriste tbd liberalist
huristike tbd liberal
hura tbd cheer (hurrah, hooray, yay)
huru di tbd free (liberate)
hushi tbd nice (pleasant, comfortable, cushy)


ibri tbd Hebrew
iche v will (want)
iche n will (volition, desire)
• anichive tbd reluctant
idee tbd idea (concept, notion)
ideal tbd conceptual (ideal, abstract)
ideograme tbd ideogram
idiote tbd idiot
idiote di tbd stupid (idiotic)
idioteta tbd idiocy (stupidity)
ifrite tbd ifrit
iglu tbd igloo
iha n donkey (ass)
ihamar n mule
ilme n knowledge (wisdom)
ilmia n science (systemic knowledge)
ilmike a scientific
ilmive a knowledgeable
impere tbd reign (rule as an emperor)
imperer tbd emperor
imperia tbd empire
imperial tbd imperial
imperialisme tbd imperialism
imperialiste tbd imperialist
in tbd inside (interior)
inaje tbd inside (interior)
in bum tbd implosion
in di tbd inner (internal)
inike tbd inner (internal)
in klus tbd including
in klus di tbd inclusive
inlai tbd entry (access)
in liste tbd table of contents (inventory)
in mise tbd import
inmun tbd entrance
in nam tbd endonym
inpulse tbd squeeze (squish)
in tene tbd contain (include)
intre tbd enter (get in; insert, put in)
intre tbd inward (internal)
intraje tbd intestines (entrails, guts, bowels, viscera)
intromun tbd entrance
in verse jen tbd introvert
in vide tbd introspection
in xe tbd content
Indonesia pn Indonesia
insulte tbd insult (offence)
insulte di tbd rude (offensive)
internete tbd internet
Io pn Io
iode n iodine
ion tbd ion
ion radi tbd radioactivity (ionizing radiation)
ion radi di tbd radioactive
IP adres tbd IP address
Iran pn Iran
Iraqi pn Iraq
iridium n iridium
ironia n irony
ironike a ironic
islam tbd submission (surrender)
islamofobia tbd islamophobia
islamisme tbd Islam
islamiste tbd muslim (moslem)
islam sharia tbd shari'a
Islande pn Iceland
isme tbd advocacy (promotion, -ism)
Israel pn Israel
iste tbd advocate (promoter, supporter, adherent)
ite n stone (piece of rock)
Italia pn Italy
itis n inflammation (-itis)


jain din tbd Jainism
jake n jacket
jakete n vest (waistcoat)
jaka n jackfruit
Jakarta pn Jakarta
jame v collect (gather, bring together, assemble, congregate)
• anjame tbd disperse (spread out, scatter)
• anjamike tbd sparse (scattered)
jamia tbd collection (congregation, assembly)
jamive tbd collective
jame karte tbd trading card
Jamaika pn Jamaica
jampe tbd jump
jamul n jamul (jambul, rose apple)
jan v care (caution, attention, heed)
jan budisme n Zen Buddhism
janive a careful (cautious, attentive, alert, wary)
janela tbd window
janela frem tbd window frame
jang v fight (war, battle, combat)
janger n warrior (fighter)
jangike a military (martial, warlike)
jang suta tbd martial art
jangle n forest (woods, jungle)
jara tbd jar (jug, pitcher, carafe, amphora, vase)
jaru tbd broom (sweep)
jau n barley
javabe v answer (reply, respond; response)
jaye tbd win (triumph, victory, gain, succeed)
jayer tbd winner (victor)
• jaye pandunia! tbd victory to Pandunia!
Jayer pn Algeria
jaze tbd jazz
jebe tbd pocket
jebe chaku tbd pocketknife
jeka tbd borrow (lend)
jeka don tbd lend
jeka lexe tbd loanword
jeka na tbd borrow
jele v imprison (jail; imprisonment)
jeler n jailer (imprisoner)
jelike n prisoner
jelekan n prison (jail)
jen n person (individual)
jen (jen men) tbd one (impersonal pronoun: people, you)
jenal a personal (intimate, private, custom)
jen bahai tbd a sea of people (huge crowd)
jen jamia n crowd
jenju tbd pearl
jenju table tbd abacus
jensen n ginseng
Jerze pn Jersey
jete tbd thrust (throw, cast)
• exjete tbd eject (throw out)
• injete tbd inject
• injetaje tbd injection
• projete tbd project (forecast, endeavour)
• rejete tbd reject (throw back)
jete grafe tbd project (cast; projection image)
Jibuti pn Djibouti
jihade tbd struggle (strife)
jin n spirit (soul, vitality, life force)
jiva v live (be alive; living; life, existence)
• trajiva v survive (live through)
joke tbd joke
joker tbd joker
jong tbd middle (center)
Jong Afrika Vakilkratia pn Central African Republic
jong di tbd central (middle)
jong fon tbd vowel
jong skolekan tbd secondary school
Jongoku pn China
jovar n sorghum (durra, jawar, Indian millet)
jube n robe (gown, kaftan, jubbah)
jude v judge
• prejude v prejudice
judaje n judgement (sentence)
juder n judge (referee)
judike a judicial
judau n judo
jul n joule (J)
jumla tbd sentence (phrase)
jumla lojia tbd syntax (study of phrases)
jun a young (junior)
jun bei n junior fellow (kouhai)
jun bra n little brother (younger brother)
jun fem n girl
jun jen n youth (youngster, young person)
jun man n boy
jun moka tbd sapling
jun nen n youth (years in life following childhood)
jun sau n younger sibling
jun sis n little sister (younger sister)
junta n youth (young age)
jung tbd species
jus n juice
juste tbd just (precise, exact, accurate)
juste pauer tbd sniper (sharpshooter)


kal a what kind of?
kalife v qualify (define)
kalta n quality (property)
ka prep than (as, compared to, relative to)
kababe v roast (barbecue, grill)
kababe karne n grilled meat (kebab)
kabile tbd tribe
kable tbd rope (cable)
kaboga n squash (pumpkin, gourd)
Kabu Verde pn Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)
kadimium n cadmium
kafe n coffee
kafe alga n brown algae
kafekan n cafe (coffee shop)
kafe kupa n coffee cup
kafe pote n coffeepot
kafe rang a brown
kafe salmon n brown trout
kafir tbd infidel (pagan, heathen, unbeliever)
kafur n camphor tree
kaguji tbd paper (material)
kaguji limon n key lime
kai tbd open (not closed)
Kaiman nesia pn Cayman Islands
kaju n cashew
kaka n defecate (shit)
kaka v excrement (shit)
kakau n cocoa
kaki n persimmon (kaki)
kalium n potassium
kala a black
Kalal pn Greenland
kalam n pen (writing tool)
kalam sui tbd ink
kalende n calendar
kali a alkaline
kali n base (alkali; alkaline)
kali guste a bitter
kali melon n bitter melon
kali orange n bitter orange
kalifornium n californium
Kalisto pn Callisto
kalkul tbd calculus (manipulation of symbolic expressions)
kalmar n squid (cuttlefish)
kalsobilor tbd marble
kalside tbd lime
kalsite tbd calcite
kalsium n calcium (Ca)
kalsopetre tbd limestone
kam tbd little (few, not many)
kamia tbd scarcity
kamife tbd reduce
kama tbd lust (desire, libido, sexual passion)
kama deu tbd god of love (Eros, Kamadeva)
kama kanon tbd Kama Sutra
kamar tbd room (chamber)
kamar dipe tbd floor
kamar gau tbd ceiling
Kambodia pn Cambodia
Kamerun pn Cameroon
kamil n German camomile
kamisa tbd shirt
kamisa shaka tbd sleeve
kamote n sweet potato
kampe tbd camp
kampe bagi tbd campground
kampe bede tbd camp bed (cot)
kamper tbd camper
kamre tbd Welsh
Kamria pn Wales (Cambria)
kan n workshop (shop, building, house or place for doing something)
Kanada pn Canada
kanal n ditch (canal, channel, dyke, trench)
kanalize v channel (conduct)
kandela n candela
kandi tbd candy (sweets)
kane tbd bar (pole, rod, shaft, staff, stick)
kane ban tbd baguette
kane minte n spearmint
kane sor tbd latch
kanga tbd comb
kangaru n kangaroo
kanjar tbd dagger
kanon tbd classic (canon)
kanon di tbd classic (authoritative, definitive)
kanse tbd cancer
kanta tbd shoulder
Kantalupo a Sabina tbd Cantalupo in Sabina
kantalupo melon n cantaloupe
kanu n canoe
kanun n law (rule, regulation)
kanunike a legal (lawful, canonical)
kanun vala tbd lawyer
kanyon n canyon (ravine, gorge, gully)
kape tbd catch (capture, grab, seize, snatch)
kapa tbd head
kapa kaska tbd helmet
kapa kesha tbd hair of the head
kapa kesha los tbd bald-headed
kapa los tbd headless
kapa oste n skull
kape truke tbd trap (snare)
kape yo kuanga tbd mine (extract minerals)
kape yo peshe tbd catch fish
kape yo taxi tbd collect fees or taxes
kar v work
• duskar v misdeed (sin, vice)
• duskarer n evildoer
• konkar v collaborate (work together)
• konkare v collaborate (work together)
• prokare tbd process (produce)
karaje n work (job, task)
kar chute tbd leave (absence from work)
karer n worker
kargi tbd tool
karkan n workshop
kar lexi tbd verb
kar meza n desk
kar skoler n apprentice
karaoke tbd karaoke
karate n karate
karater n karateka (practitioner of karate)
karavi n caraway
karbe n carbon (coal)
karbe duoxide tbd carbon dioxide
karbohidrate n carbohydrate
karbide n carbide
karbe kalam n pencil
karbol n carbole (carbolic acid)
karboxil n carboxyle
karbau n water buffalo
karchof n globe artichoke
kardon n thistle
kardon karchof n artichoke thistle (cardoon)
karge v charge (load)
karga tbd charge (burden, load, weight)
kargadan: n rhinoceros
kari tbd curry
Karibe pn Caribbean
karim tbd charity
karim di tbd charitable (gentle, kind)
karite tbd shea (vitellaria)
• reinkarnation tbd reincarnation
• inkarnate tbd incarnate
• inkarnatike tbd incarnation (embodiment)
karne tbd meat (flesh)
karnal tbd carnal (fleshly)
karne feste tbd carnival
karnize tbd butcher
karnizer tbd butcher
karnekan tbd abattoir (slaughterhouse)
Karnada pn Karnataka
karnada bashe n Kannada language
karote n carrot
karte tbd map (chart, geographic map)
kartografia tbd cartography
karta tbd card
Kartul pn Georgia (Republic of Georgia)
kartush n cartridge
karuba n carob (St. John's bread)
karvan tbd caravan (convoy)
kase n box (container)
kasete n cassette
kasul n capsule
kaska tbd shell (crust, carapace, shield)
kastana n chestnut
Kastilia pn Castil
kastilia bashe n Castilian (Spanish)
kasu tbd event (case, instance)
Katalunia tbd Catalonia
katana tbd katana
Katar pn Qatar
katil n bed
katus n cactus
Kaukasia tbd Caucasia
kauri n cowrie
kave tbd dig (pit, cavity)
• exkave tbd excavate (dig out)
kavai tbd cute (sweet)
Kazakestan pn Kazakhstan
ke tbd what?
ke jen tbd who?
ke loke tbd where?
ke poli di tbd how many?
ke riti tbd how?
ke sata tbd when?
ke she tbd what thing?
ke tipe tbd what kind of?
kechape tbd ketchup
keke tbd cake (cookie)
kelele tbd noise
kelvin n kelvin
Keme pn Ancient Egypt (Kemet)
ken v know
• ankene tbd be unaware
• ankenike a strange (unknown)
• diskene v distinguish (tell apart)
• konkenaje n information (communicable knowledge)
• rekene tbd recognize
kenaje n knowledge
kenation n cognition
• ankenive a ignorant (unaware)
kenize v communicate (inform about)
kenelojia n epistemology
kenevol n interest (curiosity)
kenevolike a interesting (curious)
kenevolive a interested (curious)
kentaur tbd centaur
kentaur hua n centaury
Kenya pn Kenya
kerame n potter's clay
keramaje n ceramic
keramike a ceramic
keram sing n bluet
kerne n core (nucleus, kernel)
kerne chira tbd nuclear fission
kerne energia n nuclear energy
kerne fizika tbd nuclear physics
kerne unta tbd nuclear fusion
kerne vuki tbd nuclear weapon (nuke)
kerube n cherub
kesha tbd hair
kesha bande tbd hairband (headband)
kesha brosh tbd hairbrush
kesha los tbd hairless
kesha sabun tbd shampoo
keton n ketone
ketel tbd kettle
keze tbd cheese
Khartum pn Khartoum
ki n that (conjunction)
ki pron which (who, that)
kilogram n kilogram (kg)
kilomitre n kilometer (km)
kime n substance (physical material from which something is made)
kimeme n chemical element
kimia n chemistry
kimike a chemical
kimono n kimono
kinar tbd border (edge, fringe, margin, rim, side, shore, periphery)
kinar baryer tbd fence
kinar di tbd peripheral
kinar fon tbd consonant
Kinshasa pn Kinshasa
Kinshasa Kongo pn Congo Kinshasa
kio tbd bridge
kioske tbd kiosk (pavilion)
Kipris pn Cyprus
kira tbd carat
kira don tbd rent out (let, lease)
kira kape tbd rent (charter, lease)
kirate n carat
Kirgize pn Kyrgyzstan
Kiribati pn Kiribati
Kiril zi tbd Cyrillic alphabet
kisme tbd destiny (fate, lot, kismet)
kitabe v write (writing, text, script)
kitabaje n article (writing)
kitabe chule n word processing
kitabeme n grapheme
kitaber n writer (someone who writes)
kitabe forme n formatting
kitabiste n writer (author)
kitabekan n library
kitabe mashin n typewriter
kitabe minister tbd librarian
kivi n kiwi bird
kivi frute n kiwi fruit
klame v cry (shout, scream, yell)
• deklame v declaim (protest, object vociferously)
• proklame v call out (proclaim)
• reklame v shout back (reclaim)
klar a clear (obvious)
klar! tbd of course! (obviously)
klarife v clarify (clear up)
klas tbd class (category)
klasife v classify (categorize)
klien tbd customer (client, patron)
klike v click (snap)
klima tbd climate
klimalojia tbd climatology
klima mute tbd climate change
klin tbd slope (tilt, slant, bias, inclination, tendency)
klon v clone (replica)
klor n chlorine
klube tbd club
kluze v close (shut)
• exkluze v exclude (keep out)
• exkluzive a exclusive
• inkluze v include (enclose, hold in)
• konkluze v conclude (close together)
kluzike a closed
koala n koala
kobalte n cobalt
kode tbd code (cipher)
• dekode tbd decode (decrypt)
• inkode v encode (encrypt)
koda tbd tail (coda)
koka tbd coca
Koka Kola tbd Coca-Cola
koko n chicken
Kokos nesia pn Cocos (Keeling) Islands
kola n kola
kola frute tbd kola nut
kola jus tbd cola
koli n cabbage
Kolombia pn Colombia
kolone tbd settle (colonize)
kolonize v colonize
koloner tbd colonist
kolonia tbd colony (settlement)
kolonisme tbd colonialism
koloniste tbd colonialist
kolum tbd pillar (column, pole, post)
komike tbd comic (funny)
komodia tbd comedy
komple a complex (intricate)
komplife v complicate
koma tbd comma
Komoro nesia pn Comoros
kompani tbd company (corporation)
komputa hor loger tbd digital clock
kon tbd with (together; common)
konchanisme tbd communism
konchaniste tbd communist
kon hau tbd match (fit, suit, go well together)
kon helen bashe tbd Koine Greek
konife v share
kon su tbd common (mutual)
kontra prep go against
kon trati tbd pact (contract, covenant, alliance)
konun tbd common (shared)
Konakri Ginia pn Guinea
Konkani pn Konkani
konserte tbd concert
konu n cone
kopernium n copernicium
kopi tbd copy (duplicate, replica)
kopi v copy (replicate)
kopi haki tbd copyright
kore tbd run
korer tbd runner
koral n coral
korne tbd horn
korne melon n horned melon (kiwano)
korona tbd crown
korona virus tbd corona virus
korte tbd short (brief)
korte fa tbd shorten
korte krokodil n alligator
korte mite tbd short story
kosme n space (cosmos, universe)
kosmobiolojia tbd astrobiology
kosmike tbd cosmic
kosmolojia n cosmology
kosmonave tbd spaceship
kosmonaver tbd cosmonaut
koso tbd cough
Kosovo pn Kosovo
Kosta Rika pn Costa Rica
koste tbd cost (price)
koste di tbd expensive (costly)
kote tbd coat
Kote de Ivar pn Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
kotumbar n coriander
krabe n crab
krake v crack (rift)
krate tbd govern (rule. reign)
kratia tbd government (rule (reign, -ocracy, -archy)
kree v create
kreater n creator
kreatia n creation (all which exists)
kreative a creative
krede v believe (trust, credit, rely on)
• ankrede v distrust (disbelieve)
• bekredebil a loyal (faithful, trustworthy)
• bekredebilta n loyalty (faithfulness)
• bekreder n trustee
• sinkredisme n synchretism
kredebil a credible (believable)
• ankredebil a incredible (unbelievable)
kreder n believer (religious person)
• ankreder n unbeliever (infidel)
krede karte n credit card
krem n cream
krem rang a creamy (cream colored)
krepe n pancake
krepekan n pancake house (crêperie)
krikete n cricket (sport)
krim tbd crime (commit a crime, perpetrate)
krim di tbd criminal
kriste n Christ
• antikriste n antichrist
kristogene n Christmas
kristisme n Christianity
krististe n Christian
kriton n krypton
krize n crisis
krizike a critical (pertaining to crisis)
krokodil n crocodilian
krokro n frog
kromium n chromium
krone n time
• sinkrone a synchronous (simultaneous, happening at the same time)
• sinkronize v synchronize (coordinate timing)
krononomia n chronology (arrangement in time)
krone table n timetable
krote n mole (burrowing animal)
kruasan n croissant
kruse n cross
krus arka tbd crossbow (ballista)
krusefixe v crucify
krus lin tbd crosshair (reticle)
kuan tbd mineral (ore)
kuaner tbd miner
kuan shan tbd mine
kuan sui tbd mineral water
kuan tunel tbd mineshaft
kuarze tbd quartz
kube n cube
Kuba pn Cuba
kude n elbow
kude metre n cubit
kuke tbd cook (prepare food)
kuker tbd cook (chef)
kuke kamar tbd kitchen
Kuke nesia pn Cook Islands
kuku tbd cuckoo
kule ok slave (coolie)
kulombe n coulomb (unit)
kulte tbd cultivate (foster)
kulture tbd culture
kume tbd mound (hill)
kumule tbd heap (hillock, accumulation; heap up, accumulate)
kung tbd hole
Kung Fuzi tbd Confucious
kung fuzi sim tbd Confucianism
kupe n drinking vessel (cup, glass, mug, goblet, chalice)
kupe chate tbd dome
kupon tbd coupon
kupre n copper
kurium n curium
kuran pn Quran (Koran)
kurban tbd sacrifice (offer)
kurse tbd go (going; course)
• exkurse tbd excursion
• prekurse tbd go or come before
• prekurser tbd precursor (predecessor, forerunner)
• rikurse tbd recur (go again)
• trakurse tbd go through (go by)
kursi tbd chair
kurta tbd tunic (kirtle)
kurva tbd curve (bend)
kurva di tbd curvy (curved)
kushen tbd cushion (pillow)
kutu n louse (cootie)
Kuvaite pn Kuwait


la pron the (that)
labe n lip
laba tbd bugle (horn instrument)
lage n lake
lagon n lagoon
Lagos pn Lagos
lai v come (arrive)
lake n lacquer (varnish)
lala v lull
lala bede tbd cradle
lala gani tbd lullaby
lama n lama
lamaisme n lamaism
lampe n lamp
LAN (lokal are nete) tbd LAN
langan tbd banister (handrail)
Lanka pn Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
lantan n lanthanum
larva tbd larva (maggot, caterpillar)
lasa tbd garbage (rubbish, trash, junk)
lasa posta tbd spam mail
lasa stan tbd dump (junk yard)
lasa tong tbd garbage can (trash bin)
lasun n garlic
late tbd side (flank)
late di tbd sideways (laterally)
late di tbd lateral (horizontal)
late jen tbd companion (partner, sidekick)
latinogramife tbd romanize
Latin zi tbd Latin alphabet
Latvia pn Latvia
Lau pn Laos
lau tbd old (aged, elderly)
lau di tbd Lao (Laotian)
lau jen tbd elder
laurencium n lawrencium
laxe v loose (laxe; loosen, let loose, let go)
• relaxe v relax
lazanya tbd lasagna
lazur a azure
lazur petra tbd lapis lazuli
le aux attain (accomplish, indicates the current position)
lege tbd light (requiring little effort, easy, soft, minute, unimportant, etc.)
lege veze di tbd light (light-weight)
leng tbd cold
leng mosim tbd winter
leng mosim di tbd wintry
lense n lens
lenshi tbd exercise
lete v read
letaje n reading material
letebil a legible (readable)
leter n reader (lector)
letaratur n literature
letion n reading
letur n lecture
leturer n lecturer
letre tbd letter (written message)
letre balaje n envelope (wrapper for mailing)
letus n lettuce
leu tbd left
leu di tbd left hand
leuiste tbd leftist (left-winger)
lexe n word
lexal a lexical
lexal ironia n verbal irony (sarcasm)
lexasle tbd provenance of word
lexaslia n etymology (science of history of words)
lexeme n lexeme
lexe fen tbd syllable
lexofilia n logophilia
lexofiliste n logophile (word buff)
lexe gense n grammatical gender (lexical gender)
lexograme n logogram (logo)
lexia n vocabulary (lexicon)
• rilexife v relexify
lexe liste n dictionary (word list)
lexunife v lexicalize
liama n llama
Libanen pn Lebanon
libele tbd dragonfly
Liberia pn Liberia
Libia pn Libya
lichi n lychee (litchi)
lide v lead (direct)
lider n leader (director)
lide line n leash (rein)
Lietuva pn Lithuania
lietuva bashe tbd Lithuanian
lige v league (alliance)
lige su sanduke n Ark of the Covenant
Lihtenstain pn Liechtenstein
lila n lilac
lila rang tbd lilac color
lima num five (5)
lima fase tbd pentahedron (prism)
lima gone tbd pentagon
limfa tbd lymph
limite tbd limit (boundary)
• anlimite tbd infinity
limite di tbd finite (limited)
limon n lemon
limon jus tbd lemonade
limon luga di tbd lime green
limon orange n citrus fruit
lin tbd line (thread, string)
lin parche tbd line break (newline)
lin so tbd fibre
linke tbd connection, (association, joint, link, relationship)
linxe n lynx
lipe n fat (grease)
lipofobia n lipophobia
lipide n lipid
lipike tbd fatty (greasy)
lipolize n lipolysis
lipa bano tbd shelf (bookshelf)
lipa di tbd erect (standing)
lipa side tbd crouch (squat)
lipi chupu tbd liposuccion
lis tbd smooth
lisan tbd tongue
lishu n squirrel
liste n list (listing, catalogue)
litium n lithium
litre n litre (liter)
livermorium n livermorium
lize tbd breakdown (-lysis)
lizive bashe n analytic language
loba n radish
loge v tell (inform, instruct, pass information)
logia n story (tale, narrative)
• duologia n dilogy (duology)
• trilogia n trilogy
logive a talkative
loga tbd register (record, log)
• exloga tbd log out (log off)
• inloga tbd log in (sign in)
loga buke tbd logbook
lojike a logic (deduction)
lojikal a logical
loke n place (location)
lokal a local
lokize v put (place, set)
loke kode n coordinates
lona tbd discussion (debate, discourse)
London pn London
long a long (lengthy)
long dure tbd for a long time
long durike tbd long (long-lasting, prolonged)
longife v lengthen (prolong)
long krokodil n crocodile
long mite n novel
long pipre n long pepper (pipli)
longta tbd length
long tire tbd stretch (extend)
los v lack (miss, be without)
losife v lose (misplace, miss, shed)
losike a lacking (-less)
lote v lot
lotation n lottery
lote tikete n lotteryticket
lotra n otter
lou tbd leak
lou sang tbd bleed
luga a green
luga melon n honeydew (green melon)
luka num six (6)
luka fase tbd hexahedron (cube)
luka gone tbd hexagon
lumize tbd polish
lume tbd shine
lumen n lumen
lun pn moon
lunaden n Monday
luna keke tbd mooncake
lung tbd dragon
Lung Desha pn Bhutan
lung dou n winged bean
luta tbd rob (loot, plunder, pillage, ransack)
lutar tbd robber (plunderer)
Luterisme tbd Lutheranism
Luteriste tbd Lutheran
lutesium n lutetium
• deluxe tbd deluxe
luxe tbd lush
• luxure tbd luxuriant (excessive)
• luxuria tbd luxury (excess)
Luxemburge pn Luxembourg


ma n mother (mom, mama)
ma bra n maternal uncle
ma ma n maternal grandmother
mama n mom (mama)
ma pa n maternal grandfather
ma sis n maternal aunt
matria n motherland
matrike n motherly (maternal)
matropole n metropolis
made tbd matter (substance)
madike tbd material (physical)
madisme tbd materialism
madagas tbd Malagasy
Madagasia pn Madagascar
mafia n mafia
mage tbd conjure (do magic, cast a spell; spell)
mager tbd magician (sorcerer, mage, wizard)
magia tbd magic
magike tbd magical
magenium n magnesium
magenta a magenta (fuchsia)
magi bala tbd magical power
Magribia pn Morocco
Magyar pn Hungary
mahala tbd quarter (neighbourhood, district, locality, section of town)
maina n myna bird
mais tbd corn (maize)
majang n mahjong
Makah pn Mecca
makan hua n dandelion
makas n scissors (shears)
Makau pn Macao
makin n machine
makinike a mechanical
makiniste n mechanic
makinize v mechanize
mal n property (belongings, possessions)
mal v own (possess)
maler n owner (proprietor, possessor)
malike a own (belonging to sb.)
malonomia n economics
Malaisia pn Malaysia
malaria tbd malaria
Malavi pn Malawi
malayali pn Malayali (Malayalam)
malayu n Malay
Maldive pn Maldives
Mali pn Mali
malte n malt
maltos n maltose
Malta pn Malta
Malvina nesia pn Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
mame n breast (boob, tit)
mamal n mammal
mame kanse n breast cancer
mania n mania (abnormally high mood and arousal level)
manera tbd behavior (manners)
mang tbd busy (occupied)
mangal n brazier
mangal gril n
mangan n manganese
mango n mango
mangus n mangosteen
Mani pn prophet Mani
mani din n Manichaeism
Manin nese pn Isle of Man
manioka n cassava (manioc)
manioka fufu n tapioca
manite tbd magnet
manitike tbd magnetic
mante n cape (cloak, mantle)
mante ban n dumpling (ravioli, pelmeni)
mantra tbd mantra (chant)
mar tbd time (instance, occurrence, number of times)
mar tbd horse
mar bichi tbd horsewhip (riding crop)
mar e mar av from time to time
Marakush pn Marrakech
marati pn Marathi
maraton n marathon
marche v walk (march)
margai n margay
margarin n margarine
margarita n daisy
Mariana nesia pn Northern Mariana Islands
Maris pn Mars
marisden n Tuesday
marke v mark (trace)
Marshal nesia pn Marshall Islands
mase v knead (massage)
masaje v massage
masa tbd mass (quantity of matter)
masa mula tbd tuber (bulb)
masa mula sol hua n Jerusalem artichoke (sunroot)
masala tbd spice (seasoning)
masala tike tbd tikka masala
maske n mask (camouflage)
maste v master (be an expert at sth)
master n master (expert)
master de arte (MA) tbd Master of Arts
master de engenia (ME) tbd Master of Engineering
master de filsofia (MF) tbd Master of Philosophy
master de lojia (ML) tbd Master of Science
master de tehnolojia (MT) tbd Master of Technology
master ope n masterpiece
masta n mast
mate tbd maté
mate chai tbd maté tea
matras tbd mattress
max adv more
maxaje n addition (extra, bonus)
max file v prefer (favor)
max filike a favorite (preferred)
maxfilisme n favoritism
max gradu tbd increment
maxia n majority
maxife tbd increase
maxike tbd major (greater)
maxim tbd most (maximally)
maximaje tbd maximum
maximal tbd maximal
maximize tbd maximize
max ka bas tbd too much
max ordu tbd reinforcements
maya tbd Maya
Mayote pn Mayotte
mayur n peafowl (peacock)
maze tbd sock (stocking)
me tbd -th (ordinal suffix)
meche tbd match (contest)
mede v help (assist)
mede tbd help (aid, assistance)
meder tbd helper (aid, assistant)
medal tbd medal
medalon tbd medallion
medan tbd field (square, plaza, maidan)
medanofobia n agoraphobia
medanike tbd open (wide, spacious)
medan papi n corn poppy
medu tbd honey
medu vespa n honeybee
medu vespa nide tbd beehive (honeycomb)
medu vespa sanduku tbd beehive (beehouse)
mega gram n tonne (metric ton)
mega vate n megawat (MW)
megi tbd cloud
megi di tbd cloudy (foggy)
mehe n sheep
mehe kesha n wool (fleece)
Mehiko pn Mexico
Mehiko pole pn Mexico City
mei tbd beautiful (handsome, pretty)
mei arte tbd fine arts
mei daka tbd decoration (ornament)
meita tbd beauty
meitnerium n meitnerium
melodia n melody
melodike a melodious (melodic)
melon n muskmelon
memo tbd memory (recollection)
• anmemo tbd forget
memo bina tbd monument (memorial)
memo note tbd memorandum (memo)
memo tehni tbd mnemotechny
men a many (plural)
mendelevium n mendelevium
meninge n meninx (meninges)
meningitis n meningitis
mente tbd mind (ability for consciousness, perception and thinking)
• demente tbd demented (out of one’s mind)
mentor tbd advisor (counselor, mentor)
mer tbd member (part of a group, component)
meronam tbd meronym
meranti n lauan tree (meranti, balau)
Merkur pn Mercury
merkurden n Wednesday
mes n month
mes bati n August
mes cheti n July
mes des n October
mes des du n December
mes des un n November
mes du n February
mes lima n May
mes luka n June
mes nelu n April
mes tisa n September
mes tri n March
mes un n January
mesi n messiah
mesi di tbd messianic
metan n methane
metanol n methanol
metil n methyl
metilamin n methylamine
meta tbd hind (behind, later)
metal tbd metal
metal bede tbd anvil
metal lin tbd wire
metal mixure n alloy
metal saner tbd blacksmith (iron forger)
metal tul tbd hardware (ironware, equipment)
metre v measure (measurement)
• parametre n parameter (argument, input variable)
• simmetria n symmetry (symmetrical)
metre bande n tape measure
metrer n meter (measuring device)
meza tbd table
meza stan tbd plateau (tableland)
meza tela tbd tablecloth
mi pron I (me)
mimen pron we
mimen su poss.pron. our
mi su poss.pron. my
Mianma pn Myanmar (Burma)
miau n cat
mide tbd middle (the part in between)
midaje tbd medium (means)
mide dia n noon (midday)
mide fase n interface
midia tbd medium (media, mass media)
midike tbd medium (intermediate, mean)
mide noche tbd midnight
mien tbd noodle
migre v move (migrate, relocate oneself)
migre n migration (moving)
migre v move (migrate, relocate)
• inmigre v immigrate (move in)
• inmigrer v immigrant
mikrobie n microorganism (microbe)
mikrobiolojia tbd microbiology
mikrofone tbd microphone
Mikronesia pn Micronesia
mikroskope tbd microscope
mili num milli-
mili gram n milligram
mili mitre n millimeter
milke tbd milk
milke kardon n milk thistle
mime v mimic (imitate, emulate)
mimer n imitator (mime)
Mimas pn Mimas
min adv less
minaje n minority
minife v decrease (lessen)
minike a minor (not major)
minim av least (minimally)
minimal a minimal
minimife v minimize
minisme n minimalism
min ka bas tbd too little
minus av except (minus)
ming a bright (brilliant, clear)
minte n mint
mintol tbd menthol
minute tbd minute
mire v stare (watch, gaze)
• amire v admire
miraje n mirage
mirebil a wonderful (marvel, mirable)
mirer n watcher
mire plate n mirror
Miranda pn Miranda
mirde tbd faint (depending on context: soft, dull, mild, weak, slow, subtle)
mise v send (emit, transmit)
• exmise v emit
• konmise n commission (committee)
• promise v send forth (promise)
• remise v send back (remit)
• tramise v transmit
• tramision n transmission
• tramiser n transmitter
misaje n message
misajer n messenger
mision n mission (sending)
misioner n missionary
miskin a poor (miserable)
misle n example (instance of)
Misre pn Egypt
misrian a Egyptian
mite v
mite n tale (fiction, fable, myth)
mitaje n fallacy (illusion)
mitike a fake (fictional, fake, made up, spurious)
mitologia n mythology (myths of a people)
mitolojia n mythology (study of myths)
mitre tbd meter (100 cm)
mixe v mix (blend)
mixer n mixer (blender)
mixur n mixture
mode n mode (pattern, fashion, style)
model n model (design)
mode lexe n adverb
module n module
mogu tbd membrane (film)
moka tbd tree
moka bano tbd wood board (plank)
moka jong parke tbd arboretum
moka kane tbd stake (stick, peg, skewer)
moka mate tbd wood (timber)
moka saner tbd carpenter
moka tana tbd log (trunk)
mole v grind (grind in mill)
moler n miller
molite n grindstone (millstone)
molkan tbd mill
Moldova pn Moldova
mole n mole (unit)
molekul n molecule
moli n jasmine
moli hua chai tbd jasmine tea
moliden n molybdenum
moluske n mollusk
mone a only (lone, single, individual)
monaje n monad
monograme n monogram
monike a individual (single person)
monisme n monism
Monako pn Monaco
mongol n Mongol
Mongolia pn Mongolia
moral tbd morality (ethics)
moral di tbd moral
moral lojia tbd ethics
Moris pn Mauritius
morte a dead (deceased)
mortal a mortal
morte badan n dead body
mortife v kill
mortifer v killer
mos n moss
mos di tbd mossy
mosim tbd season
moski tbd mosquito
Moskva pn Moscow
moskvium n moscovium
mote v move (transfer, shift, stir, budge, rouse, motivate, inspire)
• demote v move away
• promote v promote (further, move forward)
• remote v move back
moter n engine (motor)
moter char n motorcar (automobile)
moter chate n hood (bonnet, cover over the engine)
moter sikle n motorcycle
motografe n movie (cinema)
motografia n cinematography
motografike a cinematic
motografekan n movie theatre
motike a kinetic
motion n motion (movement)
motive a motive
Mozambike pn Mozambique
mudan n peony
muka tbd face
muka fun tbd face powder
mule v begin (start, commence, initiate)
mula tbd root
mum tbd wax
mum chape tbd wax seal
mum fote tbd candle
mum jen tbd mummy
mum melon n winter melon (wax gourd, ash gourd)
Mumbai pn Mumbai (Bombay)
mumu n cow
mumu karne tbd beef
mun tbd door (gate, portal)
mungus n mongoose
mur tbd wall (structure for delimitation)
mur kaguze tbd wallpaper
muringa n moringa (drumstick tree, horseradish tree)
Muritania pn Mauritania
murmeke n ant
murmekofite tbd myrmecophyte
murmeke kume tbd anthill
murmekolojia tbd myrmecology (study of ants)
mus tbd must (have to, should)
musta tbd obligation (compulsion)
Mushin pn Jupiter
mushinden n Thursday
mushmula n medlar
mushu tbd mouse or rat
mushu rote tbd scroll wheel
muskete tbd musket
musketer tbd musketeer
muskul tbd muscle
muskul bina tbd bodybuilding
musli tbd muesli
mute tbd change (alter, convert)
muzike v play music
muzike tbd music
muziker tbd musician
muzike gense tbd music genre


na tbd get (obtain, take, grasp, receive)
na ja tbd getter (receiver, recipient)
na shiti tbd gains and losses (pros and cons)
nabe v prophecy (prophesy, prophetize)
naber n prophet (harbinger, herald)
nadir a rare (scarce, sparse, uncommon)
nadir mar adv seldom (rarely)
nadirta n rarity
nafas tbd breath
nafte guku n Indian chrysanthemum
nahun tbd nail (fingernail)
nahunate v claw (scratch)
najis tbd corruption (filth, pollution, contamination, najis)
najis bindu tbd stain (spot)
najis di tbd impure (polluted, defiled, tainted)
nam tbd name
• annam tbd antonym
• dusnamize v insult (offend, call names)
• exonam n exonym
nam dokumen tbd identity document (identification, ID)
namize v call (name)
nam kitabe tbd sign (autograph)
nam lexe tbd noun
nam los tbd nameless (unnamed, anonymous)
nam tikete tbd nametag
Namibia pn Namibia
nan tbd male
nan per (man) n husband
nan reger tbd king
nano num nano-
nano mitre n nanometer
naraka tbd hell
naram tbd soft
narde tbd backgammon
narke tbd drug (narcotic, dope, intoxicating substance)
narkiste tbd drug addict
narkose tbd narcosis
nas tbd people (folk)
nasia tbd nation
• internasial tbd international
• polinasial tbd multinational
nasial tbd national
nasial sosialisme tbd national socialism (Nazism)
nasial sosialiste tbd Nazi
nasisme tbd nationalism
nasiste tbd nationalist
nate tbd birth
• innatike tbd innate (endogenous, indigenous, inborn)
• posnatal tbd postnatal
• prenatal tbd prenatal
• rinate tbd rebirth (renaissance)
nateden tbd birthday
natia tbd native country
nation tbd birth
native tbd native (natural, arising by birth)
native lingue tbd native language (mother tongue)
nateloke tbd birthplace
natestan tbd region of birth
nature tbd nature (innate characteristics)
natre n sodium
natre bilor tbd natron
nau tbd brain
nau di tbd cerebral
nau los tbd brainless
Nauru pn Nauru
nautile n nautilus
nave tbd boat (ship)
nave dex tbd starboard (right side of a ship)
nave kaper tbd privateer (buccaneer)
nave leu tbd port (left side of a ship)
nave shefe tbd captain
nave trepe tbd gangway (ramp)
nava tbd Nahuatl (Nahua)
nave ga tbd sail
nave ga ja tbd sailer
naze n nose
nazal a nasal
ne part right? (isn't it?)
Nederlande pn Netherlands
Nederlande Antil pn Netherlands Antilles
nefre tbd kidney
nefralgia tbd nephralgia (pain of the kidneys)
nefrextomia tbd nefrectomy
nefritis tbd nephritis
nege tbd deny (negate)
• denege tbd deny (refuse, reject, turn away)
negative tbd negative
nekre tbd corpse (dead body)
nekrofilia tbd nechrophilia
nekroliste tbd necrology (listing of people who have died)
nekrologe tbd obituary (necrology)
nekropole n necropolis
nekrotomia tbd autopsy (necrotomy)
nelu num four (4)
nelu di galope tbd gallop
nelu gone tbd square (tetragon)
nen tbd year
nen festa tbd anniversary
nen mes den tbd date
nenufar n water lily (nenuphar)
neodimium n neodymium
neon n neon
Nepal pn Nepal
Neputun pn Neptune
neputunium n neptunium
nere n African locust bean (neto tree)
nese tbd island
nesia tbd archipelago (island chain)
nete tbd nexus (web, network)
• konnete tbd connect
• dekonnete tbd disconnect
• konneter tbd connector
• konnetion tbd connection
nete loke tbd website
nete don tbd upload
nete gete tbd download
neu tbd novelty (new product)
neu di tbd new (recent)
neu fito tbd neophyte plant
neu jen tbd novice (newbie)
neu Kaledonia pn New Caledonia
neuloge n neologism
neunatike a newborn (neonatal)
neuta tbd newness
neu tipe di tbd modern
neu Yorke tbd New York
neu Zelande pn New Zealand
neure tbd nerve
neural tbd neural
neuralgia tbd neuralgia (nerve pain)
neuritis tbd neuritis (inflammantion of nerves)
neuron tbd neuron
neuropatia tbd neuropathy
neurotoxe tbd neurotoxin
Nevis pn Nevis
ni tbd female
ni per (fem) n wife
ni reger tbd queen
nia tbd intention (purpose)
niche tbd underside (underneath)
niche di tbd lower (inferior)
niche kitabe tbd subtitles (captions)
nide tbd nest (hive, den)
Nigeria pn Nigeria
Nijer pn Niger
Nikaragua pn Nicaragua
nikel n nickel
nil a blue
nil elfe tbd smurf
nil kentaur hua n cornflower
nil keram sing n azure bluet
nilon n nylon
niobium n niobium
Nipon pn Japan
nipon di tbd Japanese
niponium n nihonium
nirban v extinguish (put out, quench)
nirban n nirvana
nishe n niche (recess, alcove)
Nistre pn Dniester
nitre n nitrogen
nitrate n nitrate
nitril n nitrile
Niue pn Niue
no adv not (no)
no a lin tbd offline
nobelium n nobelium
nobi tbd genderqueer (non-binary)
noche tbd night
noche mode tbd night mode
node n knot (node)
node v tie a knot
Noe tbd Noah
Noe di nave tbd Noah’s arc
nome v manage (organize)
nomia n management (arrangement, -nomy)
norde n north
Norde Aire pn Northern Ireland
Norde Amerika pn North America
Norde Chosen pn North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
nordike a northern
Norde Kipris pn Northen Cyprus
Norde Makedonia pn Republic of North Macedonia
Norfolke nese pn Norfolk Island
Norge pn Norway
norge bashe n Norwegian language
norme n norm (standard)
normal a normal
• paranormal a paranormal
nostalgia tbd nostalgia (longing)
nostalgike tbd nostalgic
note tbd note (observe, notice)
notaje tbd note (observation, remark, comment)
note angil tbd notice (notification)
note buke tbd notebook
notize v notify
• renove v renew (make new, renovate)
nu tbd well (now; used to introduce a statement)
nude a naked (bare, nude)
nudisme n nudism
nudiste n nudist
nuka tbd neck (nape)
nume tbd number (quantity; count, enumerate)
numerike tbd digital (relating to numbers)
numograme tbd digit (figure, numeral)
numologer tbd mathematician
numolojia tbd mathematics (math)
nuton n newton (N)


o n or
Oberon pn Oberon
ode tbd ode (verse)
Odisa pn Odia (Oriya)
oganeson n oganesson
ohtopus n octopus
oke n eye
okal a ocular
okate v eye (look, watch, observe, spectate)
oke kesha tbd eyelash
oke sui tbd tear drop
oke sui gas tbd tear gas
okei v okay (acceptance; accept, say okay)
okeibil a acceptable
Olande nesia pn Aland Islands
Oman pn Oman
onda tbd wave
Onduras pn Honduras
onor tbd respect (honor, esteem)
onor di tbd honorable (respectable)
ope v work of art (opus)
oper tbd maker
operate v operate (carry out)
operation n operation
opera tbd opera
orange n orange (fruit)
orange rang tbd orange (orange-colored)
ordu tbd army
ordu jen tbd soldier
ordu jen kan tbd barracks
ordu reger tbd generalissimo (shogun)
ordu regia tbd shogunate
ore n ear
ore tis tbd otitis
orgazme tbd orgasm
orkide n orchid
orome pn Oromo (an Ethiopian ethnic group)
Oromia pn Oromia
ortife v straighten
orto tbd straight
orto gone tbd right angle
orto gonike tbd orthogonal (perpendicular)
Oseania pn Oceania
oselote n ocelot
osidian tbd obsidian
osmium n osmium
osman tbd Ottoman
Osman Imperi Desha tbd Ottoman Empire
osmos tbd osmosis
oste n bone
oste jame tbd skeleton (frame)
oste shalke tbd scute
oste yuge tbd joint (connection of bones)
Ostria pn Austria
ote tbd opt (prefer, choose)
otime tbd optimum
otimal tbd optimal
otimisme tbd optimism
otimiste tbd optimist
otion tbd option (preference)
otional tbd optional
oxe n oxygen
oxide tbd oxide


pa n father (dad, papa)
pa bra n paternal uncle
pa ma n paternal grandmother
pa pa n paternal grandfather
papa n dad (papa)
pa sis n paternal aunt
patria tbd fatherland
• konpatrian tbd compatriot (fellow citizen)
• repatriate tbd repatriate
patrike n fatherly (paternal)
pace tbd peace
• anpace tbd unrest
Pace Bahai tbd Pacific Ocean
pace bahai bakalau n Pacific cod
pacisme tbd pacifism
paciste tbd pacifist
pachi n bird
pachi lojia tbd ornithology (birdlore)
pada tbd fall
pada di tbd fallen
pada mosim n autumn (fall)
pada mun tbd trapdoor
pai n pie (pastry)
pake v pack
pake n pack (package)
• depake v unpack
pakaje n package
pakete n packet
paka v coerce (use force, compel)
paka tbd coercion (force, compulsion)
Pakistan pn Pakistan
paladium n palladium
Palau pn Palau
palma n palm tree
pan a every (all)
panafrikan a pan-African
panamerikan a pan-American
panasian a pan-Asian
pandeia n pantheon
pandeisme n pantheism
pandemike a pandemic
pandemike pate n pandemic disease
pandemonia n pandemonium
pandunia pn Pandunia
panduniste n Pandunia speaker
pandunial a global (concerning the whole world)
paneuropan a pan-European
pan jen tbd everybody (everyone)
panmime n pantomime
pan romanse di tbd panromantic
pan sata tbd always
pan sexe di tbd pansexual
pan she tbd everything
pan un tbd every (each)
Panama pn Panama
panda n panda
panir n quark (paneer)
panjabi pn Punjabi
panka tbd wing
pankreas tbd pancreas
pante n pants (trousers)
pantete n panties (knickers)
papagai n parrot (parakeet)
papaya n papaya
Papua neu Ginia pn Papua New Guinea
pare n even (equal, level, peer)
repare v repair (fix, mend)
• repare n repair (fix)
• repare v repair (restore to equal condition)
• reparer n repairer
par fase tbd level
par jen tbd peer
pareta n equality (parity)
par vezeta tbd equilibrium (balance)
paranam tbd paronym
Paraguai pn Paraguay
paraya tbd outcast (pariah)
parche di tbd broken (shattered)
parche dipe tbd collapse
parche kai tbd burst (pop)
parde v cover with a curtain
parde n curtain (screen)
pari n fairy (faery)
pari mite n fairy tale
paristan n fairyland
Paris pn Paris
parke n park (garden)
parne tbd fern
Parsia pn Persia (Persian; Farsi)
parte n piece (chip, fragment, shred, morsel, crumb, shard)
partaner n partner
partaneria n partnership
partative n partitive case
partia n party (faction, side)
partesepe v participate (attend, partake, take part)
parteseper n participant
pas v pass (go across or through)
pas aux past aspect marker
pasaje n pass (passage)
pasike a past (bygone)
pasive a passive (inactive)
pas lexe n password
paska n Easter
paskal n pascal (Pa)
pasporte tbd passport
paste n paste (dough)
pasta petra tbd magma
pate v suffer (be hurt, be ill)
• kompate v suffer together
• kompatia n compassion (feeling together)
• simpate v sympathize (feel for)
• simpatia n sympathy (feeling the same)
patogener n pathogen
patike n patient (subject of medical treatment)
patike a ill (sick)
patekan n hospital
patolojia n pathology
patomise v infection (infestation, contagion)
pata tbd route (path, trail, course, itinerary)
patate n potato
pau tbd shoot (fire)
pau gi tbd gun (firearm)
paunde n pound (£)
pauze tbd pause (break, interruption)
payache tbd clown
pede tbd bring up (educate, raise)
pedofilia tbd pedophilia
pedofobia tbd pedophobia
pedal tbd pedal
pedal sikle tbd bicycle (pedal bike)
pei tbd payment
pei kar tbd profession (job, occupation, trade, vocation)
pei kar di tbd professional (occupational, career)
pei karer tbd professional (pro)
pei kar jiva tbd career (professional life)
pele tbd drive
• apele tbd appeal (drive to oneself)
• depele tbd drive away
• dispele tbd dispel (disperse, drive asunder)
• expele tbd expel (drive out)
• inpele tbd impel (drive into)
• konpele tbd drive together
• propele tbd propel (drive forward)
• propeler tbd propeller
• repele tbd repel (drive back)
pelpel n butterfly (moth)
pena tbd feather
• depena tbd pluck feathers
pena kalam tbd quill
pena kardon n spear thistle
pende v hang (dangle)
pende kardon n musk thistle
pendul n pendulum
pende sor tbd padlock
penis tbd penis (phallus)
pente v paint (cover in paint)
pente brosh n paintbrush
penter n painter
pente tela tbd canvas
penture n painting
per tbd pair (couple)
• expere tbd experience (go through)
• experaje tbd experience
• experike tbd experimental
pere tbd go through
per chin n parent-in-law
• inperike tbd empirical
per ma n mother-in-law
per nume tbd even number
peroxide n peroxide
per pa n father-in-law
pera n pear
perde tbd fart (flatulence)
peresh tbd perished (ruined, devastated, wretched)
peresh fa tbd perish (ruin, dishevel, devastate, desolate)
Peru pn Peru
pesa tbd money
pesa diske tbd coin
pesa kase tbd cash box
pesa kaser tbd cashier
pesa plan tbd budget
peshe n fish
peshe huke tbd fishhook
peshe saider tbd fisher
peshe tanke tbd fish tank
peta num peta-
pete n belly (stomach, abdomen)
petra tbd rock
petra nafte tbd petroleum
piano n piano
pigu n buttocks (bum, butt, ass)
pijin tbd pidgin (contact language)
pike n point (tip, cusp, peak)
pil tbd skin (peel, bark, leather)
pilau tbd pilaf (pulao)
pilote tbd pilot
pin n needle (pin, splinter, prickle, thorn, stinger, spine, quill)
pin chope tbd pickaxe
pin kardon n cotton thistle
pin sense di tbd piquant
pinguin n penguin
pinse v pinch
pinser n pliers (pincers)
pinsete v pinch
pinseter n tweezers
pipe tbd pipe
pipa tbd lute
pipa frute n loquat
piping tbd evaluation (criticism)
pipinger tbd critic
pipre n pepper (peppercorn)
pipre minta n peppermint
piram n pyramid
pirate v hijack
pirater n pirate (corsair, sea robber)
pirateria n piracy
piratiste n pirate (one who disobeys intellectual property laws)
pirate partia n Pirate Party
pisea n spruce tree
pishe n piss (urine)
pishe v piss (urinate)
pistol tbd pistol
Pitkerne nesia pn Pitcairn Islands
piza tbd pizza
pizaria tbd pizzeria
ple tbd fold (layer)
• aplike tbd apply (put sth on sth else)
plan n plan
plan v intend (plan)
planeta n planet
• exoplaneta n exoplanet
plaste v mold (shape)
plastebil a plastic (moldable, malleable)
plastike n plastic
plaste paste n playdough
plate a flat (planar)
plate n plane (plate)
plate forme n platform
plate geiste tbd flat-earther
plate geo kaskelojia tbd plate tectonics
plate stan tbd plain (plateau, flat lands)
plate tasa tbd plate
platin n platinum
Platon tbd Plato
platonike tbd Platonic
platonisme tbd Platonism
platoniste tbd Platonist
plazma tbd plasma (ionized gas)
plumbe n lead
Pluton tbd Pluto (dwarf planet)
plutonium n plutonium
poke tbd poker
pole n city (town)
polete n small town
pole gogia n city state
polia n urban state
polike a urban
poli n many (much, more than one)
polibashike a multilingual
polideisme n polytheism
poli fase tbd polyhedron
poli gone tbd polygon
polikultural a multicultural
polikulturisme n multiculturalism
poli marta tbd frequency
poli nasi di tbd multinational
Polinesia tbd Polynesia
polipli tbd multiple
poli semi di tbd ambiguous
polita tbd amount (quantity)
polis tbd police
poliser tbd police officer
poliskan tbd police station
polite v government (administration, polity, politics)
politike a political
politiker n politician (administrator, statesman)
politolojia n political science (politology)
polite mode n regime
Polske pn Poland
polske bashe n Polish language
polskium n polonium
pompe v pump
pompe tape n piston
pope n people (folk, population)
pope muzike n pop music
populal a popular
populate v populate
populike a public
pore tbd pore
porei n leek
porne n porn
pornegrafia n pornography
porte v carry (bear)
• exporte v export
• reporte v report (bring back news, recount, relate)
• reporter n reporter
• suporte v support
• traporte v transport
portebol n football (American football)
porto n port (station)
Portoriko pn Puerto Rico
portoriko jen tbd Puerto Rican
Portugal pn Portugal
portugal bashe n Portuguese language
pos tbd consequence (back, follow-up)
pos den tbd tomorrow
posfixe tbd suffix
posike tbd back (posterior)
posime tbd next (following, back)
pospoze tbd put back (postpone)
pos zaman tbd future time
poste v mail (send by mail)
poste tbd mail
poste chape tbd postal stamp
postekan tbd post office
poste marke tbd postmark (postage stamp)
pote tbd pot (vase, bin, jar)
pote chamacha tbd ladle (dipper, scoop)
poter tbd potter
poteria tbd pottery
poto tbd mud (mire)
poto defa bano tbd fender
poto di tbd muddy
poto stan tbd marsh (bog, swamp, morass)
poze tbd pose (set; position)
• depoze tbd remove (delete, dispose, erase)
• expoze tbd expose (reveal)
• expoze v oust (expel, exclude, except, save)
• inpoze tbd put in (impose)
• inpoze v enter (insert, put in)
• konpozaje tbd component
• pospoze tbd put back (postpone)
• pospozaje tbd postposition
• prepozaje tbd preposition
• propoze tbd propose (put forth; proposal, suggestion)
prate n practice (actuality)
pratike a practical (pragmatic)
prazedimium n praseodymium
pre tbd before (previous, fore, past)
pre di tbd previous (fore)
prime tbd initial (first; prime)
pre si tbd assume (presuppose)
presidente tbd president
prese v press (squeeze)
prese tbd press (pressure)
• deprese tbd depress (push away)
• exprese tbd express (push out)
• konprese tbd compress (squeeze, squish)
• nicheprese tbd suppress (press down)
• represe tbd repress (push back)
preser tbd press device
prive tbd own (personal, private)
• deprive tbd deprive
privatize tbd privatize
pro tbd toward (forward)
proba tbd try (attempt, give a go, check out, probe)
problem tbd problem (issue)
problem di tbd problematic
profesor tbd professor
Promete pn Prometheus
prometium n promethium
prote tbd proto-
protatinium n protactinium
proxe tbd close (near)
• aproxe tbd approach (get close, approximate)
proxia tbd proximity
puding tbd pudding
puje v worship (adore; reveration, veneration)
pujekan n temple (shrine, place of worship)
puje meza n altar
puje rite n ritual (ceremony, religious custom)
pul tbd full (complete, saturated)
pul ekran tbd fullscreen
pul fina tbd complete (make done)
pul hau tbd perfect
pul shipi tbd soak (steep, marinate)
pulmon tbd lung
pulmonitis tbd pneumonia
pulse v push
pulser n piston
puma n cougar (puma, mountain lion)
punte n point (period, full stop)
punte bano tbd scoreboard
punte nume tbd score (grade)
pupe n doll (puppet)
pute v reckon (calculate, put into a certain relation, state or condition)
• expute v output
• inpute v input
• kompute v compute (reckon together)
• komputer n computer
• komputeral tbd digital (relating to computers)
putau n grape
putau bagi tbd vineyard
putau orange n grapefruit
pute tbd rotten
putong tbd common (general)
Putong Han tbd Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua)


rade tbd ray
radate v radiate
radion tbd radiation
radium n radium
rade longta tbd radius
radometrer tbd radiometer
radio tbd radio
radio cheper tbd radio receiver
radio miser tbd radiotransmitter
radon n radon
rage tbd fervor (ardor, passion)
rai tbd opinion (view)
• anrai tbd disagreement (disconsent)
rakete tbd rocket
rakete lanser tbd rocket launcher
rakun n raccoon
ramazan tbd Ramadan
rampe tbd ramp (incline, slope)
rande tbd plane (tool for making a smooth surface)
rang n color (colored)
rang arka tbd rainbow
rang arka salmon n rainbow trout
rang glas tbd stained glass
rang mate tbd dye
rase n race (breed)
rasisme n racism
rasiste n racist
rase midike a interracial
rate tbd make sense (reason)
ration tbd reasoning (rational thinking)
rational tbd rational (related to reasoning)
ratologike tbd logical
ratolojia tbd logic
ratibu tbd order (arrangement, sequence)
ratibu li tbd orderly (organized, in sequence, tidy, regular)
raze v shave (scrape, raze)
razer n razor (shaving instrument)
re tbd back (return it to previous place)
ree tbd thing (stuff)
real tbd real (actual, existing)
realisme tbd realism
realiste tbd realist
realta tbd reality
Rea pn Rhea
rebel tbd rebellion
redi tbd ready (prepared)
regal tbd royal (regal)
reger tbd king or queen
regia tbd kingdom
renium n rhenium
rentegenium n roentgenium
reporte tbd report
reseta tbd instructions (recipe)
reside n receipt (acknowledgement, acquittance)
reside v acknowledge
restoran tbd restaurant
retro dau tbd return (way back)
retro gula tbd throw up (vomit, regurgitate)
retro gula sense tbd nausea (motion sickness)
retro note tbd feedback
retro tikete tbd return ticket
Reunion pn Réunion
rezerve tbd reservation (booking, withholding)
rezin tbd resin
Rhen pn Rhine
ri adv again (repeatedly)
rikarga tbd recharge (reload)
rike tbd rich
riketa tbd wealth (fortune)
rime n rhyme (verse)
ring tbd ring
ringar tbd ring (sports or exhibition arena)
riske v risk
riskike a risky
rite n way (manner, means, method, mode, procedure, rite)
ritim tbd rhythm (beat)
rivo tbd river (stream)
rivo kinar tbd river bank
robote n robot (bot)
rode n rose
rodium n rhodium
rode rang n pink (rosy)
rode salmon n pink salmon
roke v rock (sway, tilt)
roke kursi n rocking chair
roke muzike n rock music
rol tbd role
rom n rum
Romania pn Romania
Roma pn Rome
roman tbd Roman
Roma Imperia tbd Roman Empire
Roma jube n toga
roma kamil n Roman camomile
romanse tbd romance (romantic love)
• anromanse tbd aromantic
romanse di tbd romantic
rose tbd dew
rote tbd wheel
rotate tbd rotate (make spin)
rotater tbd rotor (rotator)
rota dex tbd clockwise
rota leu tbd counterclockwise (anticlockwise)
rota tufan tbd cyclone (hurrican, tornado, typhoon)
rota vanu gi tbd top (spinning top)
Ruanda pn Rwanda
rubium n rubidium
rubi a red
rubi bau seku tbd ruby
rubi linse n bobcat
rubi orange n mandarin orange (tangerine)
rubi salmon n sockeye salmon
rugbi n rugby
ragbi raga
ruhu tbd soul (mind, psyche)
ruhu di tbd mental (psychic)
ruhu lojia tbd psychology
ruhu mixe tbd confuse (perplex, bewilder, baffle)
ruhu mixe di tbd confused (perplexed, disoriented, bewildered)
ruke n back
ruke sake n backpack (rucksack)
rul tbd roll (scroll, coil)
rulete tbd roulette
rul koli n cabbage
Rundi pn Burundi
rupe v appear (look like; appearance, looks, figure, representation)
• dusrupike a ugly (unsightly)
Rusia pn Russia
rusium n ruthenium
rus krepe n blini
rus lingue n Russian language
rute v route (path, trail, course, itinerary)
• derute v stray (deviate, go off course)
• derutike a stray (deviant)
rutin v routine (habit)
rutize v route (set on course)
rutizer n router
ruterfordium n rutherfordium


sabate tbd Sabbath
sable n sand
sable burge n sandcastle
sablite n sandstone
sablestan n desert
sabu tbd reason (cause)
sabun n soap
sade a plain (ordinary, unadorned, simple, mere, pure)
safe a clean (pure)
• ansafe a dirty
safife v clean (purify)
safe tela tbd wipe (rag, cleaning cloth)
safer n cleaner
safta n cleanliness (purity)
safar v travel (voyage, trip)
safar cheke n traveller's cheque (traveler's check)
safarer n traveler
safran tbd saffron
sagu n sago palm
sagu fun tbd sago
sah tbd hour (sixty minutes)
sah diker tbd clock (watch)
sah tore tbd clocktower
Sahara Desha pn Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
sahi tbd right (correct, accurate)
saide tbd hunting (fishing)
saider tbd hunter
saide yo peshe tbd go fishing
sake n bag (sack)
sal a healthy (well-being)
sal int hello (hi)
sal chute int farewell
sal dia tbd good day
sal lai int welcome!
sal noche tbd good night
sal sham tbd good evening
sal suba tbd good morning
sal yam tbd bon appetit!
salam tbd greet
salam int salaam
salateria tbd sanatorium (sanitarium)
salsafike a cleanly (hygienic, sanitary)
salsafta n hygiene (cleanliness)
salta n well-being (prosperity)
salta n health
salude n health (condition, level of health)
sala tbd hall (big room)
salade tbd salad
salmon n salmon (trout)
salve v save (rescue, salvage)
salvation n salvation
salver n savior (rescuer)
Salvador pn El Salvador
sama tbd sky (heaven)
sama di tbd celestial (heavenly)
sama hal tbd weather
sama kinar tbd horizon
sama nil tbd light blue (sky blue, azure)
samarium n samarium
Samoa pn Samoa
sanduiche tbd sandwich
sanduku tbd box (chest)
sanga tbd order (group with common interests, -hood)
sante tbd holy (sacred)
Sante Helena pn Saint Helena
sante kanon n holy writ (sacred writings)
Sante Kristofor pn Saint Kitts
Sante Kristofor e Nevis pn Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sante Lucia pn Saint Lucia
Sante Marino pn San Marino
Sante Paulo tbd Sao Paulo
Sante Tome e Principe pn Sao Tome and Principe
Sante Vincente tbd Saint Vincent
Sante Vincente e Grenadin pn Saint Vincent and Grenadines
sanzi tbd fan (ventilator)
sari tbd sari
satele v orbit
satelite n satellite
sau n sibling (brother or sister)
sau ben n nephew or niece
sau doh n niece
sau son n nephew
Saudi Arabi pn Saudi Arabia
sauna v sauna
saur tbd lizard
saye v shadow
se pron self (reflexive pronoun)
semen pron each other (one another, mutually)
semen su pron mutual (each other’s)
se su pron own
seku tbd stone (piece of rock)
seku saner tbd mason (stonemason, stonecutter)
sekunde tbd second(s)
sekur tbd safe (secure, protected)
sekur kode tbd password (security code)
sekur kopi tbd backup
sekur nume tbd personal identification number (PIN)
sel tbd advice (counsel, recommendation)
konsel tbd give consultation
konseler tbd counselor (consultant)
selenium n selenium
selge n chard
selu tbd cell (biology)
selu lojia tbd cytology
seme v mean (signify)
sememe n sememe
semoforer n semaphore
• polisemike a ambiguous (polysemous)
• unsemike a unambiguous
semolojia n semantics
semen n seed (semen)
semenal a seminal
semen dane n seed (fertilized grain)
semente tbd cement
sen tbd older (elder, senior, superior)
senater tbd senator
sen bei tbd senior fellow (senpai)
sen bra n big brother (elder brother)
sen sau n elder sibling
senseng tbd master (sensei, sifu)
sen sis n big sister (elder sister)
Senegal pn Senegal
seng tbd mature (grown-up, ripe, adult)
seng fem tbd woman (adult female)
seng jen tbd adult
seng man tbd man (adult male)
sense tbd sense (method of perception)
senser tbd sensitive (perceptive)
sense gi tbd sensor (detector)
sense shaka tbd tentacle (feeler)
senti num centi- (per cent)
sentimitre n centimeter (cm)
sento num hundred (hecto-, 100)
sento nen tbd century
sento nen di tbd centenary
sepe tbd catch (capture, take, seize)
• asepe tbd accept (get, receive)
• desepe tbd snatch (remove)
• exsepe tbd except (take out; save)
• intersepe tbd intercept (snatch)
• konsepe tbd conceive (take together; concept)
• resepe tbd take back
• reseper tbd receiver (receptor)
ser tbd link (ring in a chain)
seria tbd series (sequence, succession)
ser letre n chain letter
serser tbd chain
serser kaske n chain mail
Sera Leone pn Sierra Leone
Serbia pn Serbia
serpe tbd snake (serpent)
serve tbd service
server tbd servant
server tbd server (host machine)
server nam tbd servername (hostname)
sese tbd pass (go)
• asese tbd access (admission; reach)
• asesebil tbd accessible (within reach)
• asesebilta tbd accessibility (ease of access)
• desese tbd pass away (die; deceased)
• presese tbd precede (pass before)
• prosese tbd process (proceed, go forward)
• proseser tbd processor
• resese tbd recede (retreat)
• susese tbd succeed (go well, prosper)
sesium n caesium
sesam n sesame
Seshel nesia pn Seychelles
sexe tbd sex
sexal tbd sexual (pertaining to gender)
• ansexal tbd asexual
sexike a sexy (sexually arousing)
sexolojia tbd sexology
sha tbd auxiliary verb that marks future tense (will, shall)
shah geme tbd chess
shah mata tbd checkmate
shake tbd suspect (doubt; suspicion)
• preshake tbd preconception (bias)
shakebil tbd dubious (suspicious)
shakive tbd doubtful (suspicious, disbelieving)
shaka tbd branch (bough, limb, arm)
shakal n jackal
shal n scarf (shawl)
sham n evening
sham dia tbd afternoon
sham yam n dinner (supper)
shaman n shaman
shampan pn Champagne
shampan vin n champagne
shan n mountain (hill)
shan pike n top (peak, pinnacle, summit, apex, vertex)
Shanghai pn Shanghai
Shani pn Saturn
shaniden n Saturday
shante a calm (peaceful, quiet, tranquil)
sharia n shariah
shara tbd saw
sharafun tbd sawdust
sharakan tbd sawmill
sharbe tbd drink
sharir n relic (remains, corpse)
sharme n shame (disgrace)
sharnir tbd hinge (pivot)
sharte n condition (requirement)
shasha tbd rustle
shatan tbd devil (Satan)
shatanike tbd devilish (satanic)
shatanisme tbd Satanism (devil worship)
shataniste tbd Satanist
shau v roast
shau ban n toast (toasted bread)
shayu n shark
she n thing
she hal tbd situation (circumstances, state of affairs)
she hal ironi tbd situational irony
shefe n chief (boss)
shefike a main (principal)
shefe pole n capital city
shefe vazir n prime minister
shi Fulan tbd what's-his-name
shia tbd faction (clique)
shia islam din tbd Shia Islam (Shi’ism)
shigu tbd accident (mishap)
shike tbd elegant (chic)
shikaye tbd complain (lament)
shim n heart
shindau din tbd Shintoism
shing tbd star
shipi tbd wet (damp, moist)
shir tbd poem
shirer tbd poet
shirope tbd syrup
shish tbd skewer (spit, broach)
shish kababu tbd shish kebab
shish karne tbd shashlik
shisha tbd vial (phial, flask)
shisha pipe tbd waterpipe (hookah, shisha)
shite v defecate (shit)
shite tbd feces (poop, shit)
shiti bai tbd failure (blunder, flop, miss, loss, defeat)
shiti bai ja tbd loser
shiu tbd little (small)
shiu bol tbd bubble
shiu deha tbd small village (hamlet)
shiu kaboga n zucchini
shiu seku tbd pebble (gravel)
shiu yam tbd snack
shiu zi tbd lowercase letter
Shiva pn Shiva
shofe v drive (steer)
shofer n chauffeur (driver)
shoke v shock (collision)
shope tbd shopping
shoper tbd buyer
shou v show (display, exhibition, demonstration, demo)
shukre v thank
shukre int thanks (thank you)
shukria n gratitude
shuru tbd beginning (start, commencement, onset)
shuru di tbd initial (first)
shush v hush (shh)
shushike a silent
si art Mx. (Mr. or Ms.)
Sibiria tbd Siberia
siborgium n seaborgium
side tbd sit down
side loke tbd seat (saddle)
sifa tbd attribute (charasteristic, quality, feature, description, property)
sifa di tbd descriptive
sifa loge tbd adjective
sigare n cigar
sigarete n cigarette
sikisme n Sikhism
sikiste n Sikh
sikle n bike (cycle)
sikliste n cyclist
silike n silicon
silke tbd silk
silke larva tbd silkworm
sim a same (equal, alike, match)
simal a similar
• asimalate v assimilate
sim bei n peer
simbie n symbiosis
sim gogia jen n compatriot
sim nam n homonym
simple a simple (not complicated)
simplife v simplify
simpozia n symposium
sim rai tbd agreement (consent)
sim romanse di tbd homoromantic
sim sexe di tbd homosexual
simulaje n model (simulation)
simulate v simulate
simulation n simulation
simulator n simulator
simbol tbd symbol (emblem)
sine tbd sign (signal)
sina n chest (breast)
sina kase n rib cage
sina plate n breastplate
singa n lion
Singapur pn Singapore
sir tbd secret (hidden)
sir move tbd sneak
sir plan tbd conspiracy (plot)
sirta tbd stealth (secrecy)
sirke n circle
sirkike a round (circular)
sirkus n circus
siro num zero (none)
siro jen tbd nobody (no-one)
siro sata tbd never
siro she tbd nothing
sis n sister
sis v hiss (sizzle)
sis doh tbd sororal niece
sis son tbd sororal nephew
sisme tbd shake (jolt, earthquake)
sismolojia tbd seismology
sistem tbd system
sistem di tbd systemic
site v quote (cite)
site marke n quotation mark
sivil tbd civilized (civil)
sivilia tbd civilization
skale v climb (get on)
Skandia tbd Scandinavia
skandium n scandium
skete v skate
skole v learn (study)
skole tbd education (schooling)
skolaje tbd lesson (teaching)
skoler tbd student (pupil, learner)
skole guru tbd schoolteacher
skolize v teach (educate, instruct, doctrine)
skolizer n teacher (instructor)
skole kamar tbd classroom
skolekan tbd school (institution)
skole shefe tbd headmaster (principal)
skope n scope (viewer)
Skotia pn Scotland
skulte v sculpt (carve)
skute v scoot (ride a scooter, move while sitting)
skuter n scooter
slavike a Slavic
Slovakia pn Slovakia
Slovenia pn Slovenia
sofe tbd wise
sofia tbd wisdom
sofa tbd sofa (couch)
soi n soy bean
soi milke tbd soy milk
soi sos tbd soy sauce
soki tbd search (seek, look for)
sol tbd sun
sol chate tbd parasol
solden n Sunday
sol hua n sunflower
sol kentaur hua n yellow starthistle
sol sistem tbd solar system
solostate tbd solstice
Solomon nesia pn Solomon Islands
Somal pn Somalia
Somal Desha pn Somaliland
son n son
son doh n son's daughter
son son n son's son
sona tbd sleep
• ansona tbd insomnia
sonaive tbd drowsy
sona kamar tbd bedroom
sona papi n opium poppy
songi n pine tree
soni tbd sound (audio)
sorbe tbd sip (slurp, suck up)
• asorbe tbd absorb
sos tbd sauce
sosia tbd society (association)
sosial tbd social
sosial midia tbd social media
sosial sexu tbd social gender
sosisme tbd socialism
sosiste tbd socialist
sosis tbd sausage
Soto pn Lesotho
spanake pn spinach
spanake panir sos n palak paneer
spete tbd watch (spectate, observe)
• aspete tbd aspect (viewpoint)
• despete tbd look away from (despise, disregard)
• inspete tbd inspect (check, examine, look into)
• introspete tbd introspection
• respete tbd look back at (respect)
• speter tbd watcher (spectator, observer)
sporte tbd sport (athletics)
sporter tbd athlete (sportsman)
stadia tbd stadium (arena)
stan tbd tract (land, ground, region)
state tbd stand
statobaze tbd stand (rack)
statia tbd station
statike tbd static (stationary, still)
statike grafe tbd film frame (still)
stude n study (work made in order to practise or demonstrate)
stude v study (work in order to practise or demonstrate)
studer n student
studekan n studio
su prep possessive postposition (’s)
suahili pn Swahili
sual n question (query, inquiry)
sualaje n issue (affair, concern)
sual dokumen tbd form (questionaire)
sualive tbd interrogative
Sualbarde pn Svalbard
suan tbd sour
suan mate tbd acid
Suati pn Eswatini (Swaziland)
suba tbd morning (dawn)
suba dia tbd forenoon
suba yam tbd breakfast
sude n south
Sude Afrika pn South Africa
Sude Amerika pn South America
Sude Chosen pn South Korea (Republic of Korea)
sudike a southern
Sude Iria (Alonia) pn South Ossetia (Alania)
Sude Jorjia e Sude Sanduiche nesia pn South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Sude Sudan pn South Sudan
Sudan pn Sudan
suede n sweat (perspiration)
suedike a sweaty
Suen pn Sweden
suga tbd fast (quick, rapid, speedy)
suga metri gi tbd speedometer
sugata tbd speed (velocity)
sui n water
sui chule n water treatment
sui di tbd watery
sui gui tbd sea monster
sui kaboga n calabash
sui minta n watermint
sui rang tbd watercolor
sui sekur di tbd waterproof
sui yau tbd thirst
sui pipe tbd waterpipe (hookah, shisha)
Suise pn Switzerland
suke a nice (liked, agreeable, pleasant)
suke v like (enjoy, be fond of)
suke v happy (glad, delighted)
sukia n comfort
sukife v please (satisfy, delight)
sukar n sugar
sukar bete n sugar beet
sukar gana n sugarcane
sukarike a sugary (sweet)
sukar orange n sweet orange
sukaros n sucrose
sulfe n sulfur (brimstone)
sulfate n sulfate
sulfide tbd sulfide
sulfite tbd sulfite
sultan tbd power (authority, rule)
sultaner tbd ruler
sultania tbd sultanate
sum tbd sum (total)
sune n custom (tradition, practice, convention)
sunike a conventional (customary, traditional)
sune islam din n Sunni Islam (Sunnism)
Suomi pn Finland
suomi bashe n Finnish language
supa tbd soup (stew)
supa chamacha tbd tablespoon
supa mien tbd ramen (soup noodles)
super tbd superb (wonderful, super)
supra tbd overpass
supra di tbd upper
supriza tbd surprise
Suria pn Syria
Surinam pn Suriname
surinam bashe n Sranan Tongo
susan n lily
sushi tbd sushi
sute tbd skill (art, craft)
sutive tbd skillful (crafty, dexterous)
sutur tbd suture (seam)


ta tbd -ness, (-ity)
tabe n disposition (characteristic)
tabade n temperament (usual manner of behaviour)
tabes n essence
tabia n nature
tabike a natural (raw)
tabake n tobacco
table n slab (slate, tablet, board)
tablete konputer n tablette computer
tablife v tabulate
tai tbd stage (platform, pedestal, podium)
Tai bashe n Thai language
Tai Desha pn Thailand
Taibei pn Taipei
taiga n taiga
Taivan pn Taiwan (Republic of China)
Tajiki pn Tajikistan
talium n thallium
tala tbd lock (fastener)
• detala tbd unlock
• detala di tbd unlocked
tala di tbd locked (secure)
tamar n date fruit
tami tbd greedy
Tamil pn Tamil
tana tbd stem (torso, trunk, stalk)
tanah tbd Tanakh (Jewish Bible)
tanke n tank (reservoir)
tantalium n tantalum
tanur tbd oven (furnace)
Tanzania pn Tanzania
tape tbd stopper (cap, peg, plug, spigot, tap)
• antape tbd unplug (uncork)
tapon tbd tampon
tarif n tarif (tax, duty)
tasa tbd bowl (dish)
tatu tbd tattoo
tava tbd frying pan (skillet)
taxe tbd order (arrangement)
• sintaxe tbd syntax
taxike tbd tactic (maneuver)
taxonomia tbd taxonomy
taxi tbd fee (fare)
taxi char n taxi (cab)
taximetrer tbd taximeter
taxi vala tbd taxi driver (cab driver)
taza tbd fresh
tef n lovegrass (teff)
tege tbd brick
tegule tbd tile
tege pote tbd tajine
tehne tbd technique (technology)
tehnetium n technetium
tehnokratia tbd technocracy
tehnolojia tbd technology (study of techniques)
tela tbd cloth (fabric, textile)
tela gi tbd loom
tele a far
telefon n telephone
telefon bute n telephone booth
telefon lin n telephone line
telefon nume n telephone number
telegrame n telegram
teleporte v teleport
teleskope n telescope
teleta n distance (length)
televidion n television
telurium n tellurium
Telugu pn Telugu
tema tbd topic (subject, theme; be about)
tema nam tbd title (headline)
tene tbd hold (grasp, detain)
• detene tbd detain (arrest, hold under custody)
• distene v hold apart
• intene tbd contain (include; content)
• kontene tbd contain (hold together)
• kontener tbd container
• retene tbd retain (hold back)
• sutene tbd sustain
• sutener tbd souteneur (pimp)
tenesium n tennessine
Tenesi tbd Tennessee
tenis tbd tennis
tense tbd tight (tense)
tenseta tbd tension
teore n theory
tere v fear (fright, terror)
• detere v deter (scare away)
terife v terrify
terifike a terrifying (terrible)
terur n terror
terurisme n terrorism
teruriste n terrorist
terurize tbd terrorize
tera num tera-
terbium n terbium
tercha tbd oblique (askew, tilted)
• hipotermia tbd hypothermia
terme tbd temperature
termal tbd thermal
termometrer tbd thermometer
tesla n tesla (T)
teste tbd test (challenge, trial)
• ateste tbd attest (affirm by trial)
• konteste tbd contest (challenge)
• proteste tbd protest (challenge for)
Tetis pn Tethys
teze tbd argument (thesis)
• hipoteze tbd hypothesis
• hipotezike tbd hypothetical
• sinteze tbd synthesis
teza tbd intensive (depending on context: brisk, sharp, acrid, strong, fast, quick, loud)
tichin tbd bow instrument (violin, etc.)
tike tbd slip (shred, tikka)
tikete tbd tag (ticket, label, slip, note)
tim tbd team
Timor pn Timor
tipe tbd type (kind, sort, style, genre)
• pretipe tbd pretype (preliminary type)
• prototipe tbd prototype
• prototipike tbd prototypical (being a prototype)
tipi tbd tipi (teepee)
tire tbd pull
tire dara tbd rip current
tire kane tbd lever
tire sanduku tbd drawer
tire yo milke tbd milk (draw milk)
tire yo pil tbd strip (peel)
tisa num nine (9)
tish tbd hush (shh)
tish tbd silent (quiet)
tishta tbd silence
Titan pn Titan
Titania pn Titania
titanium n titanium
to prep to (toward, till, until, for)
to long tbd long (over a gread distance)
to misal tbd for example
to pro tbd forward
tochu tbd touch
tochu sense tbd feel (sense by touch)
Togo pn Togo
Tokyo tbd Tokyo
tole v tolerate (bear, endure, stand, put up with)
tolerate v tolerate (bear, endure, stand, put up with)
tome tbd split (dissect)
• antomebil tbd indivisible
• biotomia tbd vivisection
• dutomia tbd dichotomy
• tritomia tbd trichotomy
• tomografe tbd tomogram
• tomografia tbd tomography
tomate n tomato
ton tbd tone (note, pitch, shade)
• protone v accent (stress, emphasis; accentuate, emphasize)
tong tbd barrel (can, cask)
Tonga pn Tonga
• dustopia n dystopia
tope tbd region (tract, land, ground)
topografia tbd topography
tore tbd tower
torium n thorium
torso tbd trunk (torso)
tortuga n turtle (tortoise)
toxe tbd poison (venom)
toxike tbd toxic (poisonous, venomous)
toxolojia tbd toxicology
tra tbd through
tragonike tbd diagonal
tralongta tbd diameter
trapas tbd transit (transport, passage)
tragike tbd sad (tragic)
tragokomike tbd tragicomic
tragodia tbd tragedy
Tranistria pn Transnistria
trate tbd drag (haul, tow, trail)
• atrate tbd attract
• atrative tbd attractive
• distrate tbd distract (pull apart)
• extrate tbd extract (draw out)
• extrater tbd extractor
trator tbd tractor
tren tbd train
tren dau tbd rail (railway, railroad)
tren kaper tbd train hijacker
tren tikete tbd train ticket
trepe tbd stairs (ladder; climb)
• detrepe tbd get off (descend)
trepater tbd vine
trete tbd agreement (treaty)
• kontrete tbd agreement (treaty, contract)
tri num three (3)
trigone tbd triangle
trigonometria tbd trigonometry
trime tbd third (3rd)
tri pike tbd trident
triple tbd triple (threefold)
trirotike n tricycle
Trinita e Tobago pn Trinidad and Tobago
Triton pn Triton
truke tbd trick (ruse, fraud)
Tsuana pn Botswana
tu pron you (singular)
tumen pron you all
tumen su poss.pron. your
tumimen pron we (inclusive we)
tu su poss.pron. your
tuale tbd towel
tuale kaguji tbd toilet paper
tuale kamar tbd toilet (bathrooom, WC)
tube n tube (pipe)
tubule n tubule
tufan tbd storm (tempest, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone)
tuh tbd spit
Tule pn Thule
tulium n thulium
tulpan n tulip
tuna n tuna
tundra n tundra
tundra shan n fell
tunel n tunnel
tunel tren n subway (metro)
tung n tung tree
Tunis pn Tunisia
tupi tbd hat (cap)
tur n tour (cycle, circuit)
tur v tour (go around, rove)
turbande n turban
turisme n tourism
turiste n tourist
turbe v whirl (dizz; disorientate, trouble, disturb, bother, annoy)
• disturbe v disturb (disturbance, turbulence)
turbin n turbine
turbojeter n turbojet
turfa n peat
turke bashe n Turkish langage
Turkia pn Turkey
Turkomenestan pn Turkmenistan
tuta n mulberry
Tuvalu pn Tuvalu
tuzi n rabbit (hare)


uhu v cry (boo-hoo, alas, woe)
Ukraina pn Ukraine
ulul tbd howling
umami a savory (umami)
Umbriel pn Umbriel
umur tbd age
umur di tbd aged
un num one (1)
unaje n unit (measurement)
undeisme n monotheism
undurike a continuous (analog)
undurike horloger n analog clock
un fen du num half (½)
unia n union
unife v unite (merge, integrate, unify)
unifike a united
Unifike Arabe Amiria (UAA) pn United Arab Emirates
Unifike Statia de Amerika (USA) pn United States of America (USA)
unike a only (single, sole, lone, just)
unisme n monism
un mar n once (one time)
un me a first (number one)
unokike a one-eyed
unoke lense n monocle
unrangike a monochrome
un sata tbd instantly
unsemike a unambiguous
unta n unity
un zai di tbd alone (lonely, isolated, solitary, single)
unabe n jujube
universal a universal
Uran pn Uranus
uranium n uranium
urdu pn Urdu
Urdun pn Jordan
Uruguai pn Uruguay
Urushalem pn Jerusalem
USA di a American (US)
uze tbd use (employ, apply)
uzebil tbd usable (available)
uzer tbd user
uzer nam tbd username
uzife tbd apply (make use of, put to use for a purpose)
uzike tbd useful (practical)
Uzbeki pn Uzbekistan


va int wow! (gee!)
vaf n dog
vaf bute tbd doghouse (dog shelter)
vaf parke tbd kennel (facility)
vafle n waffle
vagine n vagina
vaginitis n vaginitis
vahi tbd oasis
vai tbd outside (exterior)
vai dara tbd overflow (spill out)
vai jen tbd outsider
vai tense tbd extent
vai yam tbd picnic
vakil v represent
vakiler n representative (proxy, agent, deputy)
vakilize v delegate (deputize, entrust)
vakilkan n agency
vakilkratia n republic
vala tbd practicioner (person in charge or employed in an area, -person, -man)
valen n whale
vali tbd valley
vali susan n lily of the valley
Valis e Futuna nesia pn Wallis and Futuna Islands
valse n waltz
valu tbd value (worth)
valve n valve (tap, faucet)
vampir n vampire
vampir ohtopus tbd vampire squid
vanadium n vanadium
vanila tbd vanilla
vanu tbd fun (amusement)
vanu di tbd funny (amusing)
vanu gi tbd toy (plaything)
Vanuatu pn Vanuatu
vape n steam (vapor)
vape ban n steamed bun
vaper n steam engine
vape nave n steamboat
varanda n veranda (balcony, terrace, porch)
vari tbd various (diverse, miscellaneous)
varibil tbd variable
varis tbd rice
varis araki tbd arrack
varis biskute tbd rice cake (puffed rice cake)
varis vin tbd rice wine
varite tbd heritage (legacy, bequest)
vashi tbd wash
Vashington DC pn Washington DC
vasin tbd vaccine
vate n watt
Vatikan pn Holy See (Vatican City State)
vava tbd weep (cry)
vazir n minister (vizier, high-ranking official)
vaziria n ministry
vege n vegetable
veganisme n veganism
veganiste n vegan
vegate v vegetate
vegoyamiste n vegetarian
vei tbd latitudinal (horizontal)
vei di tbd traverse (horizontal)
vei gola tbd parallel (line of latitude)
vei gradu tbd latitude
vei lin tbd weft
vel tbd veil
• devele tbd unveil (reveal, uncover)
Venezuela pn Venezuela
ventur tbd adventure (venture)
venturer tbd adventurer
Venzou pn Wenzhou
venzou orange n satsuma mandarin
ver a true (real, genuine, indeed, very)
• anver a false (not true)
verife v verify (authenticate)
verme tbd worm
vermute n vermouth
verse v turn toward (direct, flip; versus)
• deverse tbd avert
• disverse tbd diverse
• exverse tbd extroverted (outgoing)
• extraverse tbd extrovert (outgoing)
• intraverse tbd introvert
• konverse tbd converse (turn back and forth)
• kontraverse tbd controversy
• perverse tbd pervert (twist; perverse)
• reverse tbd reverse (invert, direct back; backwards)
version tbd version (variation, edition)
veruke tbd wart
vespa n bee or wasp
vespa nide tbd bee nest (beehive, wasp's nest)
veste tbd west
veste di tbd western
veste gorila tbd western gorilla
veze tbd weight (heft, gravity)
veze di tbd heavy
veze metri gi tbd scales (weighing device)
vide v look (see)
• exvidebil a evident (apparent, obvious)
• previde v expect (anticipate, predict, forsee)
• anprevide di a unexpected
• previde di a expected
vidaje n view (vision)
vide bande n videotape
vider n spectator (sightseer, observer)
vide medan n visual field (field of vision)
vide punte n perspective (point of view)
• travidebil a transparent (see-through, clear)
• antravidebil a opaque
vidua tbd widow
Viete pn Viet Nam
viete bashe n Vietnamese language (Viet)
vijing tbd MSG (monosodium glutamate)
viki n wiki
viki kitabaje n wiki article
vikipedia n wikipedia
vin n wine
vineria n winery
vin suan tbd vinegar
vinil n vinyl
violeta n pansy (violet, viola)
violeta nil tbd purple (violet)
virolojia tbd virology
virus tbd virus
virge a pristine (virginal)
virge n virgin (Virgo)
Virgin nesia pn Virgin Islands, US
vise n vice (deputy, alternative, substitute, replacement)
vise v substitute (replace)
vise lexe tbd pronoun
vise ma tbd step-mother
vise pa tbd step-father
vise prezidente tbd vice-president
vise reger tbd viceroy
Vishnu pn Vishnu
viski n whisky (whiskey)
vita tbd screw
vitamin n vitamin
viza n visa
vizite v visit
vizite tbd visitation (visit)
viziter tbd visitor (guest)
vo pron that over there
vode n promise (vow, oath)
vode v promise (pledge)
vodu tbd voodoo
voke v call (voice; summon)
• exvoke v evoke (call out)
• invoke v invoke
• provoke v provoke
• revoke v revoke (call back)
vokal fone tbd vowel
voku tbd happen (occur; happening, event, occurence)
vol v want (desire, wish)
volation n will (volition)
volfe tbd wolf
volfram n tungsten (wolfram)
Volof tbd Wolof (language and people)
volta n volt (V)
vote v vote (cast a vote)
vote n vote (ballot)
vote hake n franchise (right to vote)
vuki tbd weapon (arms)
vuki ordu tbd armed forces (army)
vulva tbd vulva
vutu tbd object (item, thing)


xenon n xenon
xilitol n xylitol
xilos n xylose (wood sugar)


ya adv yes
yahude a Jewish
yahudisme n Judaism
Yahve pn Yahweh (Jehovah)
yake v about (approximately, nearly, almost)
yakife v approximate (estimate)
yake nese n peninsula
yaku n yak
yam v consume (eat or drink)
yam kamar tbd dining room
yam liste tbd menu (bill of fare)
yam she tbd food (meal)
yam sukar gana n duruka
yam yau tbd hunger
yama n flax (linen)
yama semen n linseed
yama tela tbd linen fabric
yang a yang (positive, bright, living, hard, masculine)
Yapetus pn Iapetus
yatim n orphan
yatim dom n orphanage
yau v need (lack, require)
• anyau di a unnecessary (extraneous, unneeded)
yau di a necessary (needed)
yauta n need (shortage, lack, requirement)
ye pron this
yeka tbd exchange (replace, trade, swap)
yeka kanon tbd I Ching (the Book of Changes)
yem n salt
yem biskute n cracker (soda cracker)
yem di a salty (saline)
Yemen pn Yemen
yepa n leaf (sheet)
yepa alga n kelp
yepa koli n kale
yepa late n page (side of a leaf of a book)
Yesa pn Jesus
Yesa Mesi pn Jesus Christ
Yesa sanga tbd Jesuits (Society of Jesus)
yezi n coconut tree
yim a yin (negative, dark, ghostly, soft, feminine)
yim yang n yin-yang
yo tbd some (one)
yo jen tbd someone (somebody)
yo sata tbd sometime
yo she tbd something
yoga tbd yoga
yogaiste tbd yogi
yogur n yogurt
Yohan festa tbd Saint John's Day
yoke n jade
Yoruba pn Yoruba (language and people)
yota num yotta-
you a infantile (juvenile, immature)
you jen tbd infant (child)
you moke tbd sapling
you nan tbd boy
you nen tbd childhood (years of being very young)
you ni tbd girl
youta tbd childhood (immaturity)
yu n
yuge n joint (join)
yugaje n juncture (junction, intersection)
yuge frem n yoke
yuge lexe n conjunction
• konyuge v conjugation (pairing)
yurta n yurt (ger)
yuterbium n ytterbium
yutrium n yttrium


zai v exist (presently, currently)
zai den n today
zai di n present (existing)
zayife v summon (add, spawn, actualize)
zaita n presence (existence)
zai zaman n present time (now)
zai zaman di a current (contemporary, present-day)
zalime v oppress (bully)
zalimer n oppressor (tyrant, despot, dictator)
zalimia n cruelty (tyranny, despotism)
zalimive a oppressive (despotic, tyrannical, cruel)
zalim yugia n junta
zaman n period (era, epoch, term)
• prezaman tbd past times
• prezaman di tbd old (ancient, former)
• prezaman she tbd relic
Zambia pn Zambia
zange tbd grow (grow up)
zange tbd growth
zar n hazard (chance)
zarike a random
zar kube n die (dice)
Zardushte pn Zoroaster
zardushtan mager n magus (Zoroastrian priest)
zardushtisme n Zoroastrianism
zardushtiste n Zoroastrian
zebra n zebra
zelo tbd fervour (zeal, passion)
zete tbd oil
zete fonte tbd oil well
zeta num zetta-
zetun n olive
zetun zete tbd olivo oil
zeze n fly
zi n character (written symbol)
zi forme tbd font
zi seri tbd alphabet
zikura tbd ziggurat
Zimbabue pn Zimbabwe
zina tbd adultery (infidelity)
zinke n zinc
zipe v zip up
ziper n zipper (zip)
zira n cumin (jeera)
zirafa n giraffe
zirkon n zircon
zirkonium n zirconium
zoku v continue (go on, keep on, carry on, proceed)
zombi n zombie
zone n belt (zone)
zu n zee (zed)
zuzu rute n zigzag
zukam n cold (illness)
Zukra pn Venus
zukraden n Friday
zuku tbd ethnic group
zuku di tbd ethnic
zuku medi di tbd interethnic
Zulu pn Zulu