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History of Pandunia

The ecosystem

Pandunia was formed in an inspiring environment. Risto, the initiator of Pandunia, worked and exchanged ideas with other people who are interested in languages. He participated in forums like the AUXLANG mailing list and the Auxlangs bulletin board in Reddit.

He exchanged ideas with Florent Garet (creator of Luni), Jens Wilkinson (Neo Patwa), Dana Nutter (Sasxsek), Rex May (Ceqli), Steve Rice (Inlis), Dmitri Ivanov (Lingwa de Planeta), Olivier Simon (Sambahsa Mundialect), Zeinelabidin Elhassi (Ardano), Sonja Lang (Toki Pona) Arkadii Balandin, and Justin Kunimune only to mention a few.

Early buds

In the early years, Pandunia was Risto's personal language project. It was like play dough to him that could be shaped and reshaped again for experimenting new ideas.

Pandunia flag in 2007

He published the first sketch of Pandunia in 2007, but it was only in 2012 that other people learned Pandunia for the first time. Risto recorded a short video in Pandunia in 2013 to show what Pandunia sounded like then.

Pandunia flag in 2016

A few more people got interested about Pandunia in 2016, and the Pandunia community started to grow slowly. Pandunia got more known in 2017 when an article titled "Pandunia, a global contact language" was published in the Interlinguistica Tartuensis journal, and a chapter is dedicated for Pandunia in the book Keksittyjä kieliä (in Finnish) by Kauko Kämäräinen. One year later, Pandunia is mentioned in the Artificial Languages article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedias.

Risto recorded another short video in Pandunia in 2016 to show how the language had evolved. Alex André recorded a 30 day challenge to learn Pandunia in 2019.

Pandunia flag in 2018

The third version of Pandunia was published in late April 2024.

Here are the creation years of the Wikipedia articles about Pandunia.