rici man e miskini man The rich man and the poor man
sa teli pase, zayu un miskini man. Long time ago there was a poor man.
le doma sa lili kamare supra bekeria. He lived in a little room above a bakery.
un rici man tena bekeria. A rich man owned the bakery.
miskini man nosa niami pang mey den, a no abla peya. The poor man smelled the delicious bread every day, but could not afford it.
un den, rici man lida miskini man pa hakimer. One day the rich man lead the poor man before a judge.
rici man loga pa hakimer, "yi man nosa mi niami pang mey den, a peya pa mi nol xey ca le." The rich man said, "This man smells my delicious bread every day but pays me nothing for it."
hakimer loga, "duli tote laya badoden, e miskini man bixu jama sake da limi auri pesoparce!" The judge said, "Both of you come tomorrow, and the poor man must bring a bag of 5 gold coins!"
miskini man tena multi doste, da dona pan pese pa le. The poor man had many friends who gave him the money.
badoden, duli lole gowa pa hakimer. The next day they both went to the judge.
hakimer loga, "sisma sake!" The judge said, "Shake the bag!"
auri pesoparce sondu. The coins jingled.
hakimer loga, "miskini man nosa pang, a no niama le. The judge said, "The poor man smelled the bread, but did not eat it.
"rici man auda pese, a no tena le." "The rich man hears the money, but does not get to keep it."