What's Pandunia?

Pandunia is a constructed global interlanguage. In other words, it is a man-made language that is designed to serve in international communication everywhere in the world as a supplement to other languages.

Some remarkable features of Pandunia:

  • Pandunia is simpler and easier than naturally evolved international languages like English, Chinese, French and Arabic.
  • As a constructed language, Pandunia is completely regular – there are no exceptions.
  • Pandunia is truly international! Words of Pandunia are world words, which are borrowed from many languages all across the globe, including the top-10 most widely spoken languages of the world.

Learning material



Presentations (in PDF format)

Join Others

Many people are already interested about Pandunia and they are speaking it. You can find Pandunia forums in several places:

You can contact a creator of Pandunia, Risto Kupsala, via email risto@pandunia.info and in the aforementioned forums.