Modifying a verb

An adverb is a word that modifies a verb or another modifier.

In Pandunia adverbs end in -o and their place is before a verb or at the end of the sentence.

me bono sona. – I well sleep.
me sona bono. – I sleep well.
te basha pandunia bono. – You speak Pandunia well.

Modifying another modifier

A modifier can modify also another modifier. For example day (big) and lil (little) can be used as intensifying adverbs.

day ren – a big person
lil ren – a little person
sundari ren – a beautiful person

dayo sundari ren – very beautiful person
lilo sundari ren – somewhat beautiful person


Modifiers can be compared.

  • may (more) indicates comparison of superiority
  • mayim (most) indicates the superlative of superiority
  • min (less) indicates comparison of inferiority
  • minim (least) indicates the superlative of inferiority
  • samo (as) indicates the comparison of equality

Particle ko relates the adverbs of comparison to the point of comparison.

me si may bon ko te. = I am better than you.
te loga samo bono ko me. = You speak as well as me.